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Meet Dave

SAHP Degree pursuing: - Post Professional Masters in Physical Therapy

Hometown: - Ahmedabad, India

Class of 2011

 Where did you complete your prerequisites?

I completed my Bachelors in Physiotherapy from Srinivas College of Physiotherapy, Mangalore, India. After a year of clinical experience. I moved on to explore my area of interest sports and exercise science at Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand. I did a course of 1 year with research thesis (I believe research is the only way to be part of sports area to know it and give wings to your thoughts) and cleared it with flying colors. I was selected by WINTEC international committee to represent International Student Profile.

Why did you choose to attend the School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University?

While volunteering to help athletes who were injured and mentally depressed, I realized that I needed further knowledge. Treating Athletes with coordination problem and muscular imbalance and helping them with restoring previous capabilities, I knew there was more I could do for these Athletes. So I moved one step ahead and joined Wintec at New Zealand in Graduate diploma in sports and exercise science. I learned a lot about sports and society, and How athlete is influenced by many aspects. I joined Research and did a research on “Anthropometric Profiling of Triathletes New Zealand Junior. (Developmental Squad)” I learned study pattern of western country and got impressed by practical exposure in program. It was when I was studying exercise science that I realized importance of exercise in one’s life. Rehabilitation of Injured person by physiotherapy always appealed me. Physiotherapy being base of my study I always looked at community with eyes of physical Therapist and during voluntary work with New Zealand Red Cross I decided to pay back to community what I owe to it. Fuelled by my quench for knowledge I Decided to join Masters in area of Physical Therapy to horn my knowledge for healing the community with various disadvantages. It will grant me an opportunity to heal people of community with different injuries and physical deformities. Now I knew I need to get quality education to satisfy my goals and plan. I inquired a lot about universities around the globe. And sort listed 5 universities. Loma Linda University was at the top. I got offer letter from all five universities (Loma Linda University, UniSA, University of Otago, University of Auckland, and University of Sydney) After intense research and opinions or my peer group I realized Loma Linda is the only place where I can achieve more than my goals and dreams. SDA atmosphere, Alcohol free and smoke free campus and friendly people amazed me a lot. What I saw in movies and internet was not real America. I had to reconsider my thoughts and Image of USA by experiencing unique and holy environment of Loma Linda. To make man whole is not just the slogan for LLU they mean it and they are giving their 100% to make it happen.

 How is LLU preparing you for your chosen health care profession?

 Loma Linda University is the only university in entire states where Vestibular rehab training is given with extensive practical exposure. I concluded by asking and comparing my numerous friend across the states studying at different universities. If one wants to get settle down in states or want to practice as a competent physical therapist than Loma Linda is the right place for her/him. The curriculum is set in a way that will help you preparing for parts of NPTE-i or NPTE exam. Here its all about hands on experience either educational or recreational field. And Loma Linda is blessed by natural beauty and scenery as it is surrounded between mountains...

What are your plans for after graduation?

I will carry on with Dsc PT or PhD after my PP-MPT. I can see with in five years I must have achieved Highest qualification achievable in area of physical therapy and will be happy to serve community thereafter as a physical therapist, as a good human, as a researcher as a whole person.

What activities do you participate in outside of class on or off campus. Activities may include community service, sports, hobbies, destressing measures etc.

I regularly visit drayson center. I have joined karate class to maintain physical and mental fitness. I and my friends visit drayson Centre to play squash and table tennis. IFC is international friendship club and it gives everyone opportunity to make friends from all countries and shares cultural values and opinions.

 What advice do you have for new students?

Loma Linda is right choice for you only if you want Quality education, Want to explore yourself and your hidden potential, Want to experience holy and quite atmosphere and want to feel love and peace in air.

What has been your favorite course you have taken?

I loved studying Advanced Functional Neuroanatomy taught by Dr. Eric Johnson. It was designed in a way that attracts student. Class was designed to train us for real life scenarios and how to tackle it. 

 Your Top 5 favorite places around LLU

Drayson Center

IFC at Redlands


Big Bear, CA

Punjab Palace for delicious food.....

"Just apply, this would be the second right thing you’All do as first right thing is that you’ve decided to move on and get further education. Treat yourself and give yourself the quality education you deserve." -Dave