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Meet DeJon

Name: DeJon
AH Degree pursuing: - Clinical Laboratory Science Degere
Class of 2014
Hometown: - Lancaster CA

Where did you complete your prerequisites or previous college degree(s)?
La Sierra University, Riverside, California

Why I chose to attend the School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University and  the CLS program?

I really love the field of Clinical Lab Science. One of the classes that lead me to choosing this as a major was microbiology. I loved how this class showed how the little things that you cannot see could harm someone. It does not even have to be the little things; it can even be helminthes, which are parasitic worms. I also loved the lab portion of the class. One of the things my teacher told me was, “Many people think just because you don't see the bacteria, it’s not there. Well it is there. Just like religion. You believe God is there and you can’t see him. This is the same concept”. I loved that aspect of microbiology. This is what led me to my interest to Clinical Laboratory Science. I want to help people find the causes of their sickness.

How is LLU preparing DeJon for his chosen health care profession?

LLU is preparing me for Clinical Laboratory Science by providing me the tools to be successful in life. Although the class load may be a lot at times I feel it is all necessary to be the best I can be. LLU is grooming me to do great things in the world which I really appreciate. I also like the faith aspect. With all the business of school, I can admit that sometimes I do forget about my spiritual life. By having worship on Wednesday, it helps me to remember to keep pushing forward and do the best I can in my classes.

DeJon’s future plans

After graduation, I plan to go out in the world and starting helping in the clinical lab. I also want to travel a bit and help people in other countries. I want to use all the information I was taught to help other people in need.

Dejon’s activities

I really love to cook food. That is one of my passions and it really helps me to de-stress. Cooking lets you take out all the stress on the food. Chopping vegetables, peeling food, grilling, baking, sautéing, frying and all that good stuff makes me feel relaxed and just eases my mind. Another positive about cooking is I get to finish all the food in the end too!

DeJon’s community involvement

At my church we have a program called love ship where we give food to people who need it in the community. Also during fall quarter of the CLS program, we help to check the communities blood glucose levels and cholesterol during the Loma Linda University Health Fair. This is a great learning experience and helps you realize that your impact can be great.

DeJon’s advice for new students?

The advice I would give to new CLS students would be go in with an open mind. The amount of information you will be learning can be daunting at first, but if you stay concentrated and focused, you can do well. Another piece of advice would be focus more on learning the material than getting the A. Of course it would be nice to get both the A and learn the material but the latter should be the priority now. Finally the last advice I would give would be to try and make time to have fun. You may be busy like no other with all those 5 science classes, but try and make time to work out, hang out with friends or go out to eat occasionally. For example our classmates go out to eat after a long stressful week of test. It may not be the biggest thing, but it gets us away from our studies for a bit.

Dejon’s  favorite course

One of the favorite courses I have taken so far would have to be Parasitology. I really like the class because it has real life aspects that I can see. The fact that you could be eating undercooked pork and get a Trichinosis, or could be swimming in a lake and get infected with Naegleria fowleri which can lead to death really scares me and makes me feel glad that I don’t know how to swim!

DeJon’s Top 5 favorite places around

1. In-N-Out
2. Coffee Bean
4. A la Minute
5. CLS break room in Nichol Hall

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