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Rehabilitation - Masters

About the Profession of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists evaluate and treat patients with disease, injury, or disabilities. In many states, registered physical therapists work as independent practitioners. The physical therapy techniques are applied to restore strength, flexibility, and coordination, and to reduce pain, and generally prepare the patient to function more effectively at work and in activities of daily living. Agents such as heat, light, electricity, water exercise, and massage are used. While working with patients, psychological and sociological principles are used to motivate and instruct.

Within the profession, there are many specialties, including orthopaedics, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary, hand rehabilitation, and sports physical therapy. Physical therapists work in acute-care and convalescent hospitals, rehabilitation centers, children's centers, private practice, athletic training and sports medicine programs, research institutions, school systems, and home-care agencies.

About the program

The Master of Science in Rehabilitation Program (formerly the post-professional master of physical therapy program) is a 11 month program designed for individuals with a bachelor's degree in physical therapy who wish to pursue advanced studies in their profession.  This program has a neuro-orthopaedic emphasis.


Admissions information and requirements

An eligible applicant must meet all University, program /admissions and financial related requirements in order to be eligible.  All requirements must be completed as part of the admissions process. 

  • The applicant must have earned a bachelor's degree in physical therapy from an accredited  4 (or more) year Bachelor of Science program. 
  • Official transcripts or mark sheets must be sent directly from previous institutions to Loma Linda University.  Transcripts sent directly by the student are not considered official even if they are sealed and stamped.  (See admissions info above)
  • Test scores and GPA must meet minimum standards in order to be eligible and successful within the program.  If your scores fall below the minimum, we encourage you to retest or retake courses.  The latest course/grade is recognized. 
  • International students must meet additional requirements. International students are highly encouraged to apply as early as possible due to increased processing time of transcript evaluations and student visa paperwork. See Information for International students
  • All students are encouraged to apply early due to the popularity of this program. 
  • If you are reapplying from last year, All of your previous transcripts and recommendations have been archived. You will need to resubmit any new courses/transcripts you have taken since you have applied last.  Contact our admissions director before submitting your application to receive the discounted reapplication fee of $30.00.

Tuition costs

Tuition Costs Tuition costs do not include additional expenses such as books, transportation, and personal living expenses. International students may be subject to additional costs and requirements.

The program of instruction outlined as follows:

AHCJ 545 Legal and Ethical Issues in the Health Professions 3
AHCJ 519 Graduate Portfolio 1
PHTH 545 Orthopaedic Interventions: Mobilization of Peripheral Nerves & Joints of the Extremities 3
AHCJ 571 Statistics and Research for Health Professionals I 3
AHCJ 572 Statistics and Research for Health Professionals II 3
AHCJ 696 Research Rotations 2
PHTH 507 Advanced Pediatric Clinical 3
PHTH 515 Topics in Rehabilitation 3
PHTH 520 Medical Documentation & Billing  
PHTH 529 Pathokinesiology of Gait 3
PHTH 531 Soft-tissue Techniques 3
PHTH 598 Advanced Specialty Tracks 3
PHTH 548 Function-Based Rehabilitation 3
PHTH 550 Integrative Approach to Early Rehab 3
PHTH 560 Neurologic Upper Extremity Management 3
RELR 575 The Art of Integrative Care 3

Technology Requirements

Students are required to have an iPad for the courses in orthopaedic and neurology tracks as well as for testing activities in all courses. 
It is highly recommended that students have access to a personal computer (minimum: 800 MHz multimedia) with Internet access (minimum: 56 kbps (connected at 44+ kbps). 
A technology fee of $60 is charged in year one and two.

Become an Educator

If you possess a background in clinical or classroom teaching and are interested in furthering your knowledge and skills, or are interested in becoming an educator in  Physical Therapy, we have a program designed to assist you to meet your goals.  The Master of Science in Health Professions Education (MS in HPE) degree is a one year fulltime, or two year part-time,course of study designed for just this reason.

Learn more about HPE

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