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Medical Sonography Required Observations

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Medical Sonography Observation at Loma Linda University Medical Center

A key component for admission into our medical sonography program is observation in an ultrasound department, preferably at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

We provide opportunities for prospective students at Loma Linda University Medical Center to see first-hand what the profession is about. We encourage prospective students to observe sonography procedures and to talk to sonography professionals, students, and graduates of our programs.

How many hours of observation are required?

Eight hours are required as part of the application process for the program. Students must have their observation done by the end of March and completed before their interview. It is preferred that some observation is done at LLUMC, if distance allows.

What do I wear to patient observation appointments?

Dress professionally. Lab coats or scrubs are preferred or professional dress for patient-care setting. No open-toe shoes. Tattoos must be covered. Piercings must be limited to no more than one per ear. Jewelry should be minimal due to safety reasons.

What are the risks and hazards of observation?

As a prospective student observer you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability before you are allowed in a clinical/hospital setting. You may be exposed to environmental hazards commonly found in a hospital radiation services setting (i.e. x-ray radiation hazards, exposure to contagious diseases, etc.). You must also adhere to the patient confidentiality polices of the facility.

How do I request observation time?

Contact Marie DeLange by email mdelange@llu.edu for further instructions.  Please include which track you are interested in or put unspecified if not sure. Include valid email and daytime phone number.  If you have any other program-related questions please email: studyradsci@llu.edu

Where do I park?

You will need to park in "Lot X" located near Centennial Complex building off of Stewart Street and walk over to the hospital. This may take an additional ten to fifteen minutes to walk across campus.

Where to report for observations?

When observing at Loma Linda University Medical Center, (LLUMC) report to the ultrasound department on the second floor. Identify yourself to the department sonographer in the conference room.

During your observation, you will:

  • Meet with the program director and/or clinical coordinator, and they will answer any questions you may have.
  • Observe sonography procedures on patients.
  • Talk with sonography professionals and or graduates of the program.

How do I make the most of my observation time?

  • Come with a basic knowledge about sonography and our programs, either from researching the profession and our program information online or by asking pertinent questions during the observation time.
  • Be prepared with pertinent relevant questions during observation time for both clinical faculty and sonography professionals.
  • Come with a high desire to maintain high standards for didactic and clinical performance, and present that desire during observation time.
  • Engage and demonstrate a willingness to learn while you observe.
  • Show professional manners, such as being on time, dressing professionally, and interacting with patients and staff in an appropriate manner.
  • Show enthusiasm and motivation for successful completion of the program.

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