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Prerequisites - DMS

Prerequisites for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Bachelor's Program


Applicants must hold one of the following degrees before entering the program:

  • Any Associate's degree (Science area preferred) from an accredited higher education institution
  • Any Bachelor's degree (Science area preferred) from an accredited higher education institution.
  • Be a graduate of an accredited allied health program, including nursing (two-year, LVN, registered nurse)


In addition to the above required degrees, all candidates must complete the following required JRDMS course prerequisites:

  • Anatomy and Physiology, two-part sequence with labs (AHCJ 250 and AHCJ 251 available at LLU as an evening class).   
  • Medical Terminology (can be taken as an online class at another accredited junior college)
  • Intro to Physics 
  • College Algebra. Can have a higher level class, such as Calculus. 
  • Patient Care Methods (can be taken before entering the program at LLU the Summer prior to starting the program.)
  • Complete 8 hours of observation (volunteer/employee) in a Sonography Department. 

Domain Requirements

Applicants must complete the following subjects at an accredited college or university prior to entering the program. The requirements for meeting these courses may have already been met by completing a prior degree and JRDMS courses.

HUMANITIES (minimum 20 quarter/14 semester units minimum)

Choose minimum of three areas from: history, literature, philosophy, foreign language, art/music appreciation/history). Included in this minimum, 4 units of religion per year of attendance at a Seventh-day Adventist college or university. Six units of religion are included in the BS in DMS degree core, as a co-requisite.

NATURAL SCIENCES (minimum of 12 quarter/8 semester units)

Chemistry (Intro or General) with lab
Intro or General Physics (no lab required)
Human Anatomy & Physiology with lab (complete sequence)
College Algebra or higher
Medical Terminology

SOCIAL SCIENCES (12 quarter/8 semester units min.)
General Psychology
Intro to Sociology
Lifespan Development (Human Development)

COMMUNICATION (minimum of 9 quarter/6 semester units)
Freshman Composition, complete sequence (required)
Oral Communication
Medical Terminology

HEALTH AND WELLNESS (minimum of 3 quarter/2 semester units)
Physical Education (2 activities)
Health or Nutrition

(to meet minimum total of 96 quarter units)

Please Note: C- grades or below are not transferable for credit. If you repeat a class the latest grade is recognized.  Courses must be from an Accredited Institution.

Additional Requirements

CPR -  Students are required to have a current Health Care Provider CPR Card offered by the American Heart Association upon admission into the program.  Students must maintain certification for the entire length of the program. CPR is offered through the Life Support Education Department


All prerequisites must be completed by May of the same year that you plan to start the program.

All required JRDEMS course prerequisites must be completed within the last five years.

Completing GE Courses at LLU

A select number of GE courses are offered through the School of Allied Health Professions.  GE Courses at LLU