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Tuition and Fees

2015-2016 Financial Policies and Information

The Office of the Dean is the final authority in all financial matters and is charged with the interpretation of all financial policies. Any exceptions to published policy in regard to reduction or reimbursement of tuition must be approved by the dean. Any statement by individual faculty members, program directors, or department chairs in regard to these matters is not binding on the school or the University unless approved by the dean.

Registration is not complete until tuition and fees for the required installment are paid; therefore, the student should be prepared to make these payments during scheduled registration for each academic year. There may be adjustments in tuition and fees as economic conditions warrant.

General Financial Practices
The student is expected to arrange for financial resources to cover all expenses before the beginning of each school year.
Previous accounts with other schools or this University must have been settled.

LIVE TEXT ASSESSMENT FEE- New Fee Beginning Summer Quarter 2015
LiveText is charged in your tuition as a resource, such as a textbook.  There will be required performance assessments as determined by your program area at specified points in your academic career.  The licensing fee is $75 for a 3-year student account; this is a one-time fee charged during the first quarter of your program. At the end of your program, there is an option to continue your membership at a nominal fee. Please contact edtech@llu.edu if you have any additional questions.


2015-2016 Allied Health Program Financial Information (PDF 8.52 MB) Beginning Summer Quarter 2015