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Poster Presentations

Loma Linda University Research Poster Presentations- Homecoming Weekend March 2-3, 2017

Posters will be on display on the 4th floor of the Centennial Complex on the Campus of Loma Linda University

Thursday, March 2
8:30 AM- 12:30 PM
Poster Number Title
A1 Humor Associated Mirthful Laughter Enhances Short Term Memory in the Elderly
A2 A Comparative Study of Functional Grasp and Efficiency Between Trans-radial 3D printed vs. Myoelectric Prosthesis Using Able-Bodied Subjects: A Pilot Study  
B1 The Effect of an 8 Week CrossFit Type Exercise Program on Inflammatory Injury and Balance
B2 Developmental Skills of Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
C1  /s/-stop blends: Phonetically consistent minimal pairs for easier elicitation
C2 Exploring the Role of School-Based Occupational Therapy Practitioners in Mental Health
D1 Effects of Wearing Headscarves on Cervical Spine Mobility 
D2 Exploring the Effectiveness of an Occupation-Based Intervention: An Experimental Study with Calligraphy
E1 Does Wearing Headscarves Impact Cervical Spine Proprioception?
E2 Microteaching and the Development of Practical Skills Among Occupational Therapy
12:30 PM- 4:30 PM
Poster Number Title
A1 Chocolate and the brain: Cocoa modulates various levels of sensory awareness and increases power spectral density (µV2) of EEG gamma wave band frequency 31-40Hz associated with brain, mental and physiological benefits 
A2 A Mixed Methods Study on the Usage of a Learning Management System by Allied Health Faculty
B1 Nuts and brain: Walnuts, pecans, and cashews increase power spectral density (µV2 ) of EEG gamma wave band frequency (31- 40 Hz) relative to nut antioxidant concentration - beneficial for enhancement of recall, memory and brain wellness. 
B2 Interprofessional lab: Loma Linda University’s inclusive interprofessional education experience
C1 The Effect of High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust Manipulation of the Cervical Spine on Biomarkers Related to Stress and Pain Perception.
C2 Emotional Impact on High School Students Before and After Pulmonary Resuscitations Training Session
D1 College Student Perception on Medical TV Shows
D2 Sleep Disorder Breathing Assessment in Low Socioeconomic Status Patients in Mega Health Fair Clinic
E1 Desert Highland Gateway Community: An Occupational Justice Perspective
E2 The Effect of Open versus Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises on Ankle Joint Function in Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability


Friday, March 3
8:30 AM- 11:30 AM
Poster Number Title
A1 Humanitarian and Philanthropic Effort to Distributing Upper and Lower Extremity Prosthetics to Traumatic Amputees of Sierra Leone
A2 Socioeconomic Stats & Pulmonary Function Testing in a Mega Health Fair Clinic
B1 Validation of General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire (GNKQ) in a Southern California Community Sample
B2 The Use of Augmented Reality Glasses in Intubation
C1 The Use of Augmented Reality Glasses in Central Line Simulation
C2 The Effects of Smartphone Use on Children's Upper Posture & Pulmonary Function
D1 Qualitative and Quantitative comparison of transtibial sockets: polymer socket and carbon fiber socket.
E1 Formative Dialogues on Teaching: Encouraging Peer Coaching
E2 Pausing the Lecture
11:30 PM- 2:30 PM
Poster Number Title
A1 Development of A Skills Integration Lab: Assessment of the Process Using Kotter’s Principles
A2 Effect of Head Motion on Balance in Adults with Chronic Motion Sensitivity
B1 The Occupational Therapy Connection: Exploration of the Lived Experiences  of Persons with Dyslexia
B2 Effect of Visual Input on Chronic Motion Sensitivity
C1 Effects of a Skills Integration Lab on Doctor of Physical Therapy students Clinical Preparedness
C2 Angiotensin is a Nucleolin Adaptor Protein Eliciting and AMPK Mediate Molecular Switch Resulting in the Pro-antigenic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
D1 Effect of Vibration on Skin Blood Flow in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
D2 The AICD, TIP60, FE65 Complex Association Mediates Cell Migration & Invasion by Increasing Symptomatic 2 Expression in AMPK Dependent Manner
E1 A Comparison of Whole Body Vibration and Moist Heat on Lower Extremity Skin Temperature and Skin Blood Flow in Healthy Older Individuals
E2 Hyperbaric Oxygen-Activated AMPK Epigenetically Regulates a Metabolic Transcriptome
F1 AMPK Modulates Ventilator Pattern Through the CYSLTR2-PHOX2b Pathway

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