We are glad you are here and a part of the School of Allied Health!

Annual Open House

 Our Annual University Open House is Sunday, January 27, 2019.  Please invite others to attend if they are interested in Loma Linda University.  You can refer them to our main website to RSVP.

School Events

We hope you will take advantage of our many student events planned for this year including our planned SAHPSA events (by the School of Allied Health Professions Student Association). More information will be provided to you through social media and in from your programs.

Students are also invited to attend the Wil Alexander Wholeness Series.  These series of lectures and workshops are ongoing throughout the year and feature various personal and professional development topics presented by various speakers.

Current students have access to internal internet communications including MyLLU, the school's Canvas system and their personal LLU student web mail accounts for on campus interactions and information.

SAHP Departments & Faculty will communicate with you through your student web mail accounts, so please check them frequently.

SAHP students and school affiliated groups can also be found on and make announcements through Facebook and Instagram so be sure to friend SAHP and any groups that interest you.


Chapels occur weekly on Wednesdays from 11:00- 11:50.  For Allied Health Students- the first and last chapel (Awards chapel) is held in the Campus Hill Church next to Nichol Hall.  All other chapels are held in the University Church on the lower campus

Week of Renewal Week

For Week of Renewal, the adjusted morning class schedule is:

Classes normally meeting at 8:00 am will meet from 8:00-8:35
Classes normally meeting at 9:00 am will meet from 8:45-9:20
Classes normally meeting at 10:00 am will meet from 9:30-10:05
Classes normally meeting at 11:00 am will meet from 10:15-10:50

Week of Renewal is held in the University church. 

Learning Management System (Canvas)

LLU uses Canvas as our learning management system where you will find files and other information and tools for your classes. You can access Canvas via your internet browser (e.g.. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) by going to http://canvas.llu.edu, but we would recommend you use the Canvas App. Once downloaded and opened

  1. Enter "LLU" when prompted to enter your school.
  2. On the authentication page, enter your LLU username and password
  3. On the Canvas for iOS window, click "Remember my authorization for this service" so you won't have to login every time you open the app.
  4. Then click Log In.

Social Media for Current Students

Students are expected to utilize social media professionally and responsibly when representing ones self, program, future profession and Loma Linda University online through any social media platform.  Any social media group or account representing the University, utilizing its name or logo must register their account with the digital media office. 

LLUH Social Media Policies

Allied Health Links

Area Links

Student Apps

Look for Loma Linda University Apps in the Google play store.