Covid-19 Update

Prospective Students & 2020 Applicants: Exceptions to our application requirements given the current COVID-19 situation include:

  • Courses with face-to-face labs that have changed to on-line format will be accepted.
  • Letter grades are required for all prerequisite courses; however, pass/fail or credit/no credit courses taken Spring and Summer 2020 terms will be accepted for non-prerequisite courses. We will not be accepting prerequisite courses which were changed to Pass/Fail (P/F) due to closure of their academic institution during the COVID-19 pandemic.  All pre-requisite courses must contain a letter grade to be accepted for our admissions process.  Please note that a passing grade is considered a C or better, and C- grades or below are not accepted for prerequisite courses or for transferrable credit.  Our requirement is as follows: "Pass/fail or credit/no-credit grades are not accepted for prerequisite courses. Grades of “pass” or “credit” for non-prerequisite courses will not be included in GPA calculations.”
  • Students entering the program in September 2020 will be allowed to start the program with a minimum of 40 hours of observation.
  • If you are an international applicant, please note that WES has temporarily suspended all in-office operations due to COVID-19.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an AERC Detailed Evaluation Report will be accepted as both evaluation and transcript for a given institution for the duration of this outbreak.  Be sure to pay for your original documents to be mailed back to you.  All application deadlines will remain the same.  Please visit the AERC website or contact them to learn about their processing time, requirements, and pricing. / 626-339-4404 / See the International Applicant webpage for more information. 

All other requirements and preferences remain in place at this time.  For any additional questions, please visit our website at or email

Program Resources

For the entry level-Master of Science program:

Submit unofficial transcripts and contact the program for advisement before beginning the admissions process.

  • 96 quarter units or 64 semester units in general education.  
  • Provide official transcripts from an accredited institution.
  • Complete 80 hours of clinical observations at one to three O&P facilities of your choice with a letter of recommendation from the facility owner or clinical supervisor
  • Successful completion of all prerequisite coursework:
  1. Course sequence of anatomy & physiology with lab or a course sequence in biology with lab
  2. Full course in Physics with Lab
  3. Full course in Chemistry with Lab
  4. Statistics
  5. Growth & Development - or Abnormal Psychology
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in both science and non-science coursework.
    • Note: Grades of C- and below are not transferable for credit.
  • Additional requirements:
    The following are additional documented requirements that will need to be completed before you attend LLU. These additional requirements should be sent/completed once you are accepted. They are required before your first quarter registration is complete:
    • Immunization records before first day of class, including the following immunizations: TB skin test, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Varicella: chicken pox - Holds cleared through Student Health
    • Background check (A criminal check is required before first student clinical rotations begin.) Students with felony records may not be eligible to sit for national exams for some professions. Accepted students will receive further information regarding completing this element.
    • Fingerprinting (Some clinical sites require fingerprinting before first clinical rotations begin.)
    • CPR certification for the healthcare provider is required and must be kept current throughout your program. (Certification is required before clinical rotations begin, but we recommend you complete prior to beginning a program). If you need to take CPR please see our Life Support Education Offerings.

Students without an earned bachelors degree must comply with additional standards for admission into the el-MSOP program:

  • Domain 1: Religion and Humanities (20 quarter/14 semester units, minimum)
    • Religion
      • Religion courses are required ONLY if a student attended a Seventh-day Adventist College or University. Four quarter units of religion required per year (48 quarter units).
      • A maximum of 8 quarter units of religion courses may apply towards Domain I.
    • Humanities
      • If never attended an Seventh-day Adventist College or University, 20 quarter or 14 semester units chosen from a minimum of three areas required.
      • Humanities to choose from: Civilization/History, Fine arts, Literature, Modern language, Philosophy, Performing/visual arts (not to exceed 4 quarter units).
  • Domain 2: Scientific Inquiry and Analysis (24 quarter/16 semester units, minimum)
    • Encompasses both the natural and social sciences. Twelve quarters or eight semester credits are required in each field.
      • Natural Sciences – Required
      • Human anatomy and physiology with laboratory (complete sequence)
      • Chemistry with laboratory (complete sequence)
      • Physics with a lab
      • Statistics
    • There are additional courses in the el-MSOP curriculum to fulfill Domain 2 Natural Science requirements.
      • Social Sciences – Required
      • General Psychology
      • Growth and Developmental or Abnormal Psychology
    • There are additional courses in the el-MSOP curriculum to fulfill Domain 2 Social
      Science requirements.
  • Domain 3: Communication (9 quarter/6 semester units, minimum)
    • English
    • Complete sequence in English composition that meets the baccalaureate degree
    • One course in basic communication skills (speech)
  • Domain 4: Health and Wellness (3 quarter/2 semester units, minimum)
    • Two activity courses in P.E.
    • There are additional courses in the el-MSOP curriculum to fulfill Domain 4 Health and Wellness requirements.
  • Domain 5: Electives
    • Additional coursework to meet the minimum number of units required for admission can be fulfilled from Domain 5 Electives.
  • Please check with the department for latest updates.

How to apply

  • Initial Application Information:
    • The el-MSOP program has rolling admission and accepts applications starting October 1 and finishes September 1 for each cohort beginning at the end of September.  
    • O&P Applicants will need to complete the LLU application process.
    • O&P applications do NOT need to complete any secondary applications or OPCAS requirements.
  • General Application Guidance:
    • Refer to our school's admissions page to apply online and for further admissions information.

Contact information

el-MSOP application and admissions questions can be addressed by contacting the department directly at or by calling us at 909-651-5797

Additional questions regarding our school’s general admissions process can be addressed by contacting us at or call us at 909-558-4599. Our admissions office is located in Nichol Hall in Room A1605.

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