el-MSOP Research Topics:

  • Currently In-Progress:
    • Biofilm Growth in Prosthetic Interfacing Systems
    • Qualitative and Quantitative comparison of transtibial sockets: polymer socket and carbon fiber socket
    • Biocompatibility of PLA Plastic
    • A Novel Approach of Using Gelatin for Shape Capture
    • Testing Specialized Cycling Equipment in Rehabilitation for Patients with Lower Limb-Strength Discrepancies on Able-Bodied Subjects
  • Recently Completed:
    • The Effect of Anatomical vs Traditional Joint Placement On Articulated AFOs in Gait
    • Effects of 3D Printed Cosmetic Covers on Quality of Life in Lower Extremity Amputees
    • A Comparative Study of Functional Grasp and Efficiency Between Trans-radial 3D printed vs. Myoelectric Prosthesis Using Able-Bodied Subjects: A Pilot Study
    • “How do I document?” A Retrospective Analysis of Documentation for Prosthetic Devices and Subsequent Reimbursement
    • Comparison of the Amputee Mobility Predictor, Patient Assessment Validation Evaluation Test, and Clinician Subjective Observational Method in Determining Medicare Function Classical Level
    • Effects of K3 Feet on K2 Trans-Tibial Ambulators
    • Medicare Denials in Orthotics and Prosthetics

PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences (with O&P concentration) Research Topics:

  • Currently In-Progress
    • Robotic augmentation of impaired gait