GOT Experience?  We HAVE the Knowledge

Do you currently work in the Cardiac Electrophysiology (Cardiac EP) lab as a Radiation Technician (RT) or Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT)?

Have you considered certification as a Cardiac EP technician through CCI (RCES certification) or IBHRE (CEPS certification)? If you answered “yes” to the previous two questions…the opportunity to accomplish such endeavors is here.

Most RTs or CVTs who have acquired on-the-job (OTJ) training in the EP lab are reluctant to take the
CCI or IBHRE certification exams because didactic knowledge of Cardiac EP specialty is limited, even
though clinical knowledge of Cardiac EP is superb!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those two worlds could collide? Did you know that Loma Linda University
Department of Cardiopulmonary Sciences provides a certificate track for experienced practitioners in the area of Cardiac EP?

Emphasis is placed on didactic education, while clinical competencies are achieved in one’s current Cardiac EP lab. In essence, one uses his/her schedule in the EP lab to fulfill the clinical hours, with emphasis placed on specific cases to fulfill competencies each quarter. There is no need to rotate to EP labs outside of one’s work to complete the required 800 hours of clinical practicum.

Hospital Partnerships

Loma Linda University is pleased to have partnered with Hoag Hospital to create our first hospital-based program with training specific to their Cardiac EP needs. Hoag administration is currently providing scholarships to their Cardiac EP staff to attend Loma Linda University’s Cardiac Electrophysiology Technician (CEPT) program. Once complete, Hoag’s staff members will receive certificates from Loma Linda University and fulfill both didactic and clinical requirements needed to take CCI or IBHRE certification exams as Cardiac EP Technicians.

Our partnership with Hoag Hospital is making continued education in the field of Cardiac EP much more possible and convenient for experienced practitioners. It is a win-win.

Partnership Interest

Are you an employee of a Cardiac EP lab that would like to further your education and knowledge in Cardiac EP? We can make it happen!

Are you an administrator who would like his/her staff to be more educated in the science behind Cardiac EP? We can make it happen!

For more information, contact:
Program Director: Rob Cruise

For Cardiac Electrophysiology Labs

* Please Contact the Program Director prior to applying for this CEPT Option.

Step 1: Apply to LLU Online
Complete an online application. There is a $60 application fee due at the time of application per submission.  This fee is nonrefundable. You need only to complete one online application for the University and CEPT program.

Step 2: Request Official Transcripts
Request official transcripts from each college or University attended. High school transcripts are also needed for students who do not have a previous associate’s or bachelor’s degree. 

Official transcripts MAY NOT be hand-delivered or sent in directly by the student, but must be sent directly from previous educational institutions.

Step 3: Personal Recommendations
Three personal recommendations are required for the CEPT program. Recommendations should be from persons other than family members/close relatives and from someone who has known you in the following

• Professional (mentor, supervisor or boss)
• Church or community service related (pastor, community service supervisor)
• School related (professor, teacher, or advisor)

Step 4: Observation & Service Hours
CEPT program requires that you observe a Cardiac EP lab as part of the admissions process. An observation form is required for acceptance of this rotation. Our clinical coordinator, Joe Giron, will be the person who coordinates this rotation at an EP lab near you.

Step 5: Interviews
The CEPT program will interview students as part of the admissions process and will contact the prospective students to make arrangements once the application has been reviewed.

Applicants are encouraged to visit the Loma Linda campus for these appointments if possible. If the student is unable to come to the interview in person, a phone or online interview (Skype,webcam) are alternative options.

Step 6: Admissions Decisions
The admissions office or department will notify you of your application status once your application has been reviewed and acted on by the department and school administrative committees.

Step 7: Confirmation
A prospective student will be given further instructions in acceptance letter or through communication by CEPT staff.

Step 8: Additional requirements
The following are additional documented requirements that will need to be completed before you attend LLU. These additional requirements should be sent/completed once you are accepted.

They are required before your first quarter registration is complete:

• Immunization records before first day of class, including the following immunizations: TB skin test, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Varicella: chicken pox - Holds cleared through Student Health
• Background check (A criminal check is required before first student clinical rotation.) Students with felony records may not be eligible to sit for national exams for some professions.  Accepted students will receive further information regarding completing this element. Non degree students will be required to complete a background check at the time of application submission.  Fees associated with background checks are the responsibility of the student.
• Fingerprinting (Some clinical sites require fingerprinting before first clinical rotation.) Fees associated with fingerprinting are the responsibility of the student.
• CPR certification for the healthcare provider, is required and must be kept current throughout your program.