Would you like more responsibility in your role in the Radiology Department?
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Have you Considered a Leadership Position in the Radiology Field?

Developing aptitude in the disciplines of leadership, administration, and education is key for career advancement.  Practitioners who are leaders in the profession, and who are capable of serving the greater community in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, have a higher degree of opportunity and flexibility in their careers.  Managers, administrators, and educators, who contribute to the profession's body of knowledge through leadership roles, publications, professional presentations, and advocacy are highly sought after.

About the Master of Science in Radiation Sciences Program

The online Master of Science in Radiation Sciences (MSRS) offers students an opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and skills needed to be successful in leadership, management, administration, and education.

This program consists of 7 quarters or 21 academic months. This seven-quarter program begins in the fall term (September) and concludes at the end of the second spring term. A full-time 12-month option is available that begins in the summer quarter.

For information about the states authorizing Loma Linda University online students, please contact the program director.

Program Outcomes

By the end of this program, graduates should be able to:

1. Serve as leaders in the profession and in the greater community in public, private, and non-profit sectors.

2. Contribute to the profession’s body of knowledge through leadership roles, publications, professional presentations, and advocacy as managers, administrators, and educators.

3. Demonstrate leadership and reflective thinking in the areas of management, administration, and education.

4. Behave in a professional manner in all interactions, including use of written and oral communications with patients, colleagues, and others.

5. Participate in educational research and professional activities, share knowledge with colleagues, and investigate new and innovating aspects of professional practice.

6. Apply advanced practice in managerial, administrative, and educational realms.

Distance Education

Loma Linda University is authorized to offer distance (online) education in the respective states indicated on this map:  https://home.llu.edu/distance-education

When to Apply

We accept applications for this program from January 1 to August 1. Even though August 1 is the established deadline, the total number of applicants may dictate an earlier or later cut-off date. Check with the department for deadline extensions.

Admissions Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to the School of Allied Health Professions and Loma Linda University admission requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (international degrees must be evaluated for U.S. equivalency: refer to http://www.llu.edu/central/apply/intltrans.page)
  • Minimum of 3.0 undergraduate GPA
  • Certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (or equivalent) in a  radiation technology discipline
  • Submission of a three-page essay describing: (a) personal and professional accomplishments; (b) professional interests; and (c) how earning the MSRS degree will support career advancement.  This essay must be sent to the program director
  • Phone interview (to be scheduled after application has been submitted)
  • TOEFL or IELTS (or equivalent English language proficiency examination) scores for applicants whose native language is not English or whose secondary education was received outside the United States (refer to: http://www.llu.edu/central/apply/intltrans.page)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the minimum requirements to apply to the Master’s in Radiation Sciences program?

A. Current national certification in a medical imaging discipline, degree equivalent to U.S. baccalaureate, and applicants who reside outside California will only be admitted to online degree programs offered by Loma Linda University if the university has secured legal authorization from the applicant’s state of residence.

Q. Is there a tuition discount available to LLU graduates of the Department of Radiation Technology?

A. Yes. Graduates who have earned a certificates, associate's degree. or bachelor's degree the Department of Radiation Technology at LLU will qualify for a 6-unit tuition discount.

Q. What prerequisite coursework is required to apply to the Master’s in Radiation Sciences program? 

A. No prerequisite coursework is required.  However, coursework in statistics, research methods, and scholarly writing are recommended. 

Q. I work full-time. Will I have time to do this program?

A. Most of our students work, and they report that they have time to do either one or two courses a quarter. Because the program is online, students can access the student learning portal 24/7.

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Michael F. Iorio, PhD, MPA, RT(R) (CT) (ARRT) CRT

Program Director

Office (909) 558-4931