Program Note

Due to new RTAP guidelines from the ARRT received on June 19, 2017, starting July 1, 2017, the ARRT is requiring a new way for assessing candidates who may need RTAP.  The Department of Radiation Technology at Loma Linda University is evaluating the changes that will be needed in order to keep our RTAP program open.

If you have questions, please contact Will Edmunds, RTAP program director at

About the Program

  • Did you let five years pass after graduating from a Radiography program before attempting to take the ARRT Radiography exam? 
  • Have you failed the ARRT Radiography exam three times within three years? 
  • Did you complete a Radiography program in a country whose accreditation is not recognized by the ARRT? 

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, you may be in need of a Radiologic Technology Advanced Placement Program!

Radiologic Technology Advanced Placement  (RTAP)

The Radiologic Technology Advanced Placement program consists of one clinical and five academic courses. Courses will be offered in any quarter which means that a student can start the program at any time.  Most students will be able to complete the program by taking nine units; as it is common for most students to complete all of the clinical competencies within one clinical internship course.  For students that need another quarter to complete the clinical requirements, they can take a second clinical internship course, thus making the program eleven units instead of nine units. Applications are accepted online year round for this program.  Students complete this program with a qualification to sit for the ARRT board exam in Radiography.

Program Advising for the RTAP Program

Will Edmunds Will Edmunds, M. Ed, RT, (R), (AART)
Program Director

If you are interested in the RTAP program, please email the Program Director, Will Edmunds, Department of Radiation Technology, at
Please provide your name, address, phone number, and email. Please create the subject line as “RTAP Program Interest."