Looking for a job?

LLUHConnect.org is an exclusive platform for those affiliated with Loma Linda University Health. By creating an account you will have access to the latest job postings, the ability to post job openings in your area, and the opportunity to network with alumni across the entity.

Job postings from outside companies

If you would like to post a job opening on our exclusive social networking platform please contact our office. Job postings must be related to one of the School of Allied Health Professions programs.

Please send the following in a word document or in the body of an email. This will be posted on the job board of our Loma Linda University Health networking platform, LLUHConnect.org.

  • Name of company
  • Company website
  • Jpg of company logo if you wish it to be displayed
  • Job title
  • Country, State, City(s) where job is located
  • Contact email for questions, interviews, etc.
  • All info you wish a candidate to know as they make their decision to apply