This degree option is for undergraduate students (having not obtained any other bachelor’s degree) looking to transfer to LLU to pursue an undergraduate degree in Health Science and Orthotics & Prosthetics graduate degree. Students are encouraged to contact the department directly for individualized counseling.

Please contact the department to submit unofficial transcripts for advisement before beginning the application process.

International interests and applicants are evaluated on an individual basis. Please contact the department directly for guidance and to discuss your specific options. International Scholar information can be found on the International Students webpage.

Undergraduate students must meet the following requirements to apply

96 quarter units or 64 semester units in general education  

RELIGION & HUMANITIES: (20 quarter/14 semester units minimum)

Humanities: The department recommends additional electives in this area.

Select from at least 3 subject areas

  • History – 1 course required
  • Philosophy – 1 course required

Select additional units from:

  • Art/Music (Performing Arts limited to 4 qrt hrs), Literature, Foreign Language/American Sign Language

Religion: 4 quarter units/year

  • Religion courses are required ONLY if a student attended a Seventh-day Adventist College or University.
NATURAL SCIENCES: (units may vary)
  • Anatomy & Physiology/lab or Biology/lab (full sequence) – required
  • Intro or General Chemistry/lab (one course)- required
  • Intro or General Physics/lab (one course) - required
  • Statistics – required
SOCIAL SCIENCES: (2 areas, 12 quarter/8 semester units minimum)
  • (The department recommends additional electives in this area.)
  • General Psychology - required
  • Growth & Development or Abnormal Psychology - required
  • Select additional credits from:
    • Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science
CMMUNICATION (9 quarter/6 semester units)
  • Freshman English, complete sequence (CLEP not accepted) - required
  • Select additional units from:
    • Speech or computer
HEALTH AND WELLNESS (units may vary)
  • (The department recommends additional electives in this area.)                  
  • 2 PE Activity Courses - required
  • To meet the minimum total requirements of 96 quarter units/64 semester units
  • Maximum of 105 quarter/70 semester units transferred from junior/community colleges


Transfer Patterns

You can find the courses we recommend for your college by accessing the “Transfer Patterns” on our website at:

Additional Requirements

Provide official transcripts from all accredited institutions were credit is being applied or referenced.

Clinical Experience

Complete 80 hours (minimum, additional hours are strongly encouraged) of clinical observation at a minimum of two (2) O&P facilities of your choice with a letter of recommendation from the facility owner or clinical supervisor documenting the hours completed and the timeframe they were completed in. (This is a program requirement to be completed prior to the start of the program)