This graduate-level, blended-learning track is completed in 8 quarters (2 years). A new Cohort starts each summer quarter. This track is using a spiral learning format. The first year is in theory and the second year is in-person and in-practice, concentrating on clinical, technical and patient management skills. Quarters seven and eight have two summative courses in which the students demonstrate and test their learning, both in practice and in theory.

Please apply directly to LLU. If you are in the process of finishing necessary courses, please label the courses as ‘in progress’. You do not need to wait until everything is completed to send in your LLU application. This is important, because of the rolling admission.

Please contact the department to submit unofficial transcripts for free evaluation and advisement.  This will greatly facilitate your application process.

International interests and applicants are evaluated on an individual basis. Please contact the department directly for guidance and to discuss your specific options. International Scholar information can be found on the International Students webpage.

Graduate students must meet the following requirements to apply

  • Anatomy & Physiology/lab or Biology/lab (full sequence) – required
  • Intro or General Chemistry/lab (one course)- required
  • Intro or General Physics/lab (one course) - required
  • Statistics - required
  • Growth & Development or Abnormal Psychology – required


Transfer Patterns

You can find the courses we recommend for your college by accessing the “Transfer Patterns” on our website at:

Additional Requirements

Provide official transcripts from all accredited institutions were credit is being applied or referenced.

Clinical Experience

Outside of the application there is an additional requirement to be completed prior to the start of the first day of class. Complete 80 hours of clinical observation at an O&P facility of your choice. Bring a letter from the facility owner or clinical supervisor documenting the hours completed and the timeframe they were completed in.

Observation Hours Form      Recommended Skills Checklist

Hybrid MSOP Track Sequence

Program Outline - 100 total units

Year 1 - 40 UNITS 

Hybrid MSOP SUMMER - Quarter 1  Units
ORPR 507 Anatomy for O&P Professionals 2
ORPR 508 Physiology for O&P Professionals 2
ORPR 516 Material Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics + O&P Lab and Technical Skills 2
ORPR 517 Patient Assessment/Kinseiology 2
ORPR 558 O&P Clinical Rotations I 1
Total Units = 9  
Hybrid MSOP AUTUMN - Quarter 2  Units
ORPR 509 Pathology 2
ORPR 531 Upper Extremity Orthotics 2
ORPR 535 Upper Extremity Prosthetics 2
ORPR 511 Spinal Orthotics 2
ORPR 519 Biomechanical Evaluation + Gait Analysis 2
ORPR 558 O&P Clinical Rotations II 1
Total Units = 11  
Hybrid MSOP WINTER - Quarter 3  Units
ORPR 541 Lower Extremity Orthotics I + Pedorthics 2
ORPR 545 Lower Extremity Prosthetics I 2
ORPR 524 Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare 2
ORPR 561 Statistics and Research for Health Professionals I 2
ORPR 558 O&P Clinical Rotations III 1
Total Units = 9  
Hybrid MSOP SPRING - Quarter 4  Units
ORPR 551 Lower Extremity Orthotics II 2
ORPR 555 Lower Extremity Prosthetics II 2
ORPR 548 Pharmacology in Rehabilitaiton 2
ORPR 529 Practice Management 2
ORPR 562 Statistics and Research for Health Professionals II 2
ORPR 558 O&P Clinical Rotations VI 1
Total Units = 11  

Year 2 - 60 UNITS

Hybrid MSOP SUMMER - Quarter 5  Units
ORPR 532 Upper Extremity Orthotics Clinical Training 2
ORPR 533 Upper Extremity Orthotics Techinical Skills 2
ORPR 536 Upper extremity Prosthetics Clinical Training 2
ORPR 537 Upper extremity Prosthetics Technical skills 2
ORPR 512 Spinal Clinical Training 2
ORPR 513 Spinal Technical skills 2
ORPR 530 Patient Management and Documentation 2
ORPR 559 Clinical Rotation 1
Total Units = 15  
Hybrid MSOP AUTUMN - Quarter 6  Units
ORPR 542 Lower Extremity Orthotics 1 Clinical Training 2
ORPR 543 Lower Extremity Orthotics 1 Techinical Skills 2
ORPR 546 Lower extremity Prosthetics 1 Clinical Training 2
ORPR 547 Lower extremity Prosthetics 1 Technical skills 2
ORPR 530 Patient Management and Documentation 2
ORPR 540 Rehabilitation in Developing Nations (Service learning) 3
ORPR 559 Clinical Rotation 1
ORPR 564 Research Proposal 2
Total Units = 16  
Hybrid MSOP WINTER - Quarter 7  Units
ORPR 552 Lower Extremity Orthotics 2 Clinical Training 2
ORPR 553 Lower Extremity Orthotics 2 Techinical Skills 2
ORPR 556 Lower Extremity Prosthetics 2 Clinical Training 2
ORPR 557 Lower Extremity Prosthetics 2 Technical skills 2
ORPR 530 Patient Management and Documentation 2
ORPR 575 Couples, Families, and Disability 2
ORPR 559 Clinical Rotation 3
ORPR 565 OP Clinical and Technical Summative Review and ABC bc 1
ORPR 440 Bionics & Cyborg Technology 2
RELR Crisis Counseling 3
Total Units = 19  
Hybrid MSOP SPRING - Quarter 8  Units
ORPR 560 Clinical Affiliation 8
ORPR 566 OP Theoretical Summative Review and ABC Board Prep 2
Total Units = 10  

Application Process

How to Apply

The MSOP program utilizes rolling admission, which means we evaluate applications as they are received, versus waiting to evaluate all applications after a hard deadline. We will continue to evaluate applications until we've filled all the slots for our incoming class. Students are accepted to enter the MSOP or Hybrid MSOP tracks based on competencies, prerequisites, and necessary coursework. The sooner you submit an application, the sooner you will be evaluated for acceptance.

The application process starts with the submission of the application and all the associated documentation and recommendations. Once these materials are received and evaluated an interview will be scheduled. Once the interview is completed, the interview responses and the application packet will be presented to the department admissions committee for review and voting.

  • All applicants must apply directly through LLU.
  • O&P Applicants will need to complete the LLU application process.

Contact the O&P department directly:

Contact the admissions department at or 909-558-4599.

International students should review additional steps

View the MSOP Enrollment Checklist.