2018 Open House Waiver Information

As a thank you for visiting our campus, The School of Allied Health Professions is offering to waive the application fee for prospective students that attended our Annual Open House attendees on January 28, 2018  and who applies to one of our Allied Health Professions Programs.  This is a $60 savings.

Please make note: This waiver is only offered to those applying to the School of Allied Health Professions programs and not to other schools within Loma Linda University.

To receive the waiver applicants must follow the following instructions:

  • Have attended our Annual Open House and attend at least one program overview. (Applicant’s name must appear on an Open House Attendance Roster)
  • Obtain the code phrase at Open House.
  • Before you submit your application to the school of Allied Health Professions, email admissions at askalliedhealth@llu.edu to request the Open House waiver.  The code phrase must be provided in the email along with applicant name, information session attended and AH program you are applying for. 
    Please DO NOT submit your application until you hear back from us. 
  • Applicants will receive further instructions to submit their application once the fee has been waived by the admissions office.
  • Request waiver by January 1, 2019.
  • Applications must be complete in order to be considered.

For questions or to submit your request:  askalliedhealth@llu.edu