Stacey Cunningham Faculty Profile

I’m an occupational therapy graduate from the Medical College of Georgia, or Augusta University. My clinical experience includes outpatient rehabilitation within neurology, pediatrics, and feeding as well as school-based practice. Additionally, I must mention my favorite treatment tool, partnering with horses for hippotherapy. I’ve also found a passion within the classroom, and it’s an honor to learn alongside all of you. Depending on when you happen to read this, I’m looking forward to graduating (in 2018) with my PhD in Social Policy and Social Research from Loma Linda University. Areas of research that I’ve been involved with include the Community Resiliency Model, asthma, learning and wholeness climates, grit, resilience, spirituality/religiosity, anxiety, depression, stress, academic burnout, life satisfaction, and well-being. Aspects of life that are meaningful to me include creative arts, travel, hiking, running, reading, time with family/friends, and contemplating God's grace. Looking forward to hearing more about your lives, adventures, and ideas!