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Loma Linda University
School of Allied Health Professions
Nichol Hall Room 1605
Loma Linda, CA 92350

For processing of official documents including all admissions elements
(recommendations and transcripts) sent by previous institutions. 
Use the following address:

Admissions Processing
11139 Anderson St
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda CA 92350

 By Email

   For general school related questions use the following email:  askalliedhealth@llu.edu
   For admission/application related questions use the following email:  sahpadmissions@llu.edu

  • Please include which program/degree you are emailing about.
  • Email inquiries are forwarded to the appropriate person/department within the school and may not be answered instantly.
  • Emails received over the weekend are forwarded and answered the next working day.

To reach any SAHP employee by email, use the first initial and last name and append @llu.edu.
If your email does not go through try using the first and second initial and last name with @llu.edu.

In Case of Emergency

    If you need to contact us when our Admissions office is closed, email: sahpice@llu.edu
    Please leave a message and your contact information and we will contact you back.

By Question

Regarding Contact person Email Ext
Admissions/Application Questions Staff Admissions  
Alumni Questions Melisa ahalumi@llu.edu 87840
Allied Health Finance Questions Kristine krichard@llu.edu 44973
Cardiopulmonary Sciences Questions Kelly studycardio@llu.edu 44932
Clinical Laboratory Science Questions Alicia studycls@llu.edu 44966
Deans Office Questions Hanan hsadek@llu.edu 44545
Development/Donation Questions Tiffanie Thaynal@llu.edu 909 558 3271
Educational Technology Questions Art akroetz@llu.edu 85799
Emergency Medical Care Program Questions Brendan emc@llu.edu 47115
Health Informatics & Health Info Questions Steve slarsen@llu.edu 83934
International Student Affairs Questions Staff intlstdsrv@llu.edu 44560
International Transcript Questions Helen hmartinez@llu.edu 42025
Life Support Education Questions Staff LifeSupportEducation@llu.edu 48811
Nutrition and Dietetics Questions Mary Kay nutrition@llu.edu 44593
Occupational Therapy Questions Madge moh@llu.edu 47599
Physical Therapy (DPT)
Heather hhebron@llu.edu 83254
Physical Therapist Assistant
Jeannine pta@llu.edu 44634
Physical Therapy Graduate
Sondra sondrapt@llu.edu 83171
Physician Assistant Questions Staff pa@llu.edu 85062
Prosthetics and Orthotics Questions Ralph ribarra@llu.edu 15797
Radiation Technology
Maria radsci@llu.edu 82368
Student Affairs/ Recruitment Questions Karen kwestphal@llu.edu 44792
Academic Affairs Staff   49740
Communication Sciences and Disorders Questions Mona cmsd@llu.edu 46046
Student Finance Questions   stfin@llu.edu 44520
Student Financial Aid Questions     44509
Student Health Services Questions     88700
Transcript Questions Helen sahpadmissions@llu.edu  
University Records Staff registrar@llu.edu 44508
SAHP IT Director Intithar ielias@llu.edu  
SAHP Computer Helpline
(SAHP student and faculty questions only)
Rajae   47246
SAHP Web Manager Cerise ah@llu.edu  off campus

By Fax Number

Departments Fax numbers
Admissions  (909) 558-4599
AH Finance Office  (909) 558-4809 
Cardiopulmonary Sciences  (909) 558-4701 
Clinical Lab Sciences  (909) 558-0458 
Communication Sciences and Disorders  (909) 558-4291 
Financial Aid  (909) 558-4879 
Health Information Management  (909) 558-0404 
International Student Affairs  (909) 558-4879 
Student Affairs/Recruitment  (909) 558-4291 
Nutrition and Dietetics (909) 558-4593
Occupational Therapy  (909) 558-0239 
Physical Therapy  (909) 558-0459 
Physical Therapy Assistant  (909) 558-0466 
Physician Assistant  (909) 558-0495 
Radiation Sciences  (909) 558-7965 
Student Finance  (909) 558-7904 
University Records  (909) 558-4879 

For Employers Seeking to Hire

We do not publicly publish or release student or alumni information. 

Employment opportunities can be submitted to be posted on our facebook page and internally to our students.  Some departments choose to notify Alumni of job openings via email. Flyers can also to be posted on our bulletin boards within our departments.  Email us at:ah@llu.edu