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Cardiac Sonography Specialty Track and Curriculum

Track Description

Coursework and clinical time in the Sonography/Ultrasound cardiac specialty track involves more in depth concentrated study of assessment of the heart. It includes extensive study of the heart hemodynamics, normal anatomy, disease processes, and patient treatment.
Color and spectral Doppler are used to assess how the blood is flowing and what direction, to help determine abnormalities such as regurgitation and heart valve disease.

The Cardiac Sonography program begins each Fall. Program length is 12-months. This program prepares students to sit for the board exam and RDCS credentialing exam.  All students are required to take and pass the ARDMS Standard Physics and Instrumentation (SPI) exam before completion of the program.

Cardiac Sonography Gainful Employment Disclosure

The following link will provide information regarding the cost of the certificate, financing available, median debt, normal timeframe for completion, and job placement rates for students that have completed this program. To view this information, Click the link below.

   Cardiac Sonography Gainful Employment Disclosure    

Track Curriculum:

RTMS 339 - Introduction to Echocardiography (4)
Focus on normal anatomy, scan techniques, cardiac measurement, and new dynamics.

RTMS 347 - Echocardiography, Adult & Pediatric Specialties (4)
Echocardiography, adult and pediatric. Further focus on anatomy, pathology, hemodynamics, and Doppler. Includes case studies and case presentations.

RTMS 379 - Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation, I (2)
Study of the basic physical principles and instrumentation of ultrasound production and imaging. Selected case-study presentations, as assigned.

RTMS 383 - Topics in Medical Sonography, I II (2)
Survey of selected topics in medical sonography. Clinical case studies, projects, literature reviews.

RTMS 387 - Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation, II (2)
Study and review of the basic physical principles and instrumentation of ultrasound with additional emphasis on Doppler and artifacts.

EMMC 315 - Cardiology (3)
Assists the healthcare provider to develop assessment skills and to increase knowledge of medical management of the patient with acute and chronic cardiovascular disorders. Focus on anatomy and physiology, underlying pathophysiology, advanced history taking and physical assessment, cardiovascular pharmacology, electrical modalities, cardiac diagnostic testing and current research. Special emphasis on the emergency care of patients with myocardial infarction and trauma to the cardiovascular system. Assignment includes interaction with cardiac patients and observation of diagnostic studies in the clinical setting.

RELE 457 - Christian Ethics and Healthcare (2)
Ethical issues in modern medicine and related fields from the perspective of Christian thought and practice.

RTMS 965 - 968 - Cardiac Ultrasound Clinical Affiliation (1,1,1,1)
Clinical experience in medical sonography covering a wide variety of technical procedures.

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Marie DeLange, Sonography Program Director

Marie DeLange, Sonography Program Director