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We are excited you are considering the School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University to pursue your healthcare academics.

We welcome student applications from local, national, and international prospective applicants of all religious faiths. Our accepted new students transfer to us with completed program requirements or previous degrees at other accredited colleges.

General education or program specified prerequisite courses can be taken at any accredited community college or university. Students then transfer to Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions to complete their Allied Health degrees.


If you are still curious about LLU or unsure which allied health program interests you, we invite you to review our online program information before reaching out. Then, contact the program or advisor of the program(s) that interests you. We also invite you to attend one of our information sessions or our Annual Open House, which is usually held in January.  We also have a school recruiter that visits many colleges local to LLU and around the United States. You may also visit us on our campus. It is best to call ahead and make an appointment or sign up to take a tour. Our program directors and advisors are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Step 1- Apply to LLU Online

Apply Online
Once you have chosen a program to apply to and have a personal financial plan in mind to fund your education, you will need to complete an online application. There is a $60 fee due at the time of application per submission. Reapplication fee is $30. These fees are nonrefundable. You need only to complete one online application for the University and your program of choice unless you are applying for the programs listed below.
We encourage all applicants to begin the admissions process by submitting their online application as early as possible. Waiting or holding off for the program deadlines may decrease your chances of acceptance into certain programs that fill early and or delay admissions decisions.

International students are encouraged to begin their transcript evaluation process early by our approved centers first before completing their online application.

Admissions elements (i.e.. transcripts, recommendations, TOEFL, GRE, observation/service hours) may be submitted after the application is submitted. However, please do this as soon as possible and before the program deadline date. Some programs begin their application reviews once the application is complete. Applicants should request transcripts at the time of submission or shortly thereafter. If courses are still in progress, submit the application and then have final transcripts forwarded to Loma Linda University as soon as possible.

If accepted, all official transcripts must be received by LLU before you can register for classes.

To Check Status

You may check on the status of your application online. Please be sure to write down your Login ID and PIN when applying. If you forget your Login ID you will be instructed to complete a new application. There is a retrieval for your PIN using your Login ID.

Alternate Application Instructions

If you are applying to the Entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Entry-Level Masters of Occupational Therapy or the Masters of Science in Physician Assistant program, you will need to complete an external application and a few additional steps. These steps include supplemental application, alternate transcript procedure; all must be completed before an acceptance from LLU can be granted. There are also additional application fees that are required when applying. See external application requirements for further details.

Please apply for these four programs through the following services:

Doctor of Physical Therapy*
Entry Level Masters of Occupational Therapy*
Master of Science-Physician Assistant

*If you are applying to a OT or PT program other than those listed above, please apply through the school application link.

Transcript information for applying PTCAS, OTCAS and CASPA

Once you receive your acceptance, please request a second set of official transcripts from each institution(s) you have attended. They should be sent directly to LLU before you can register for your first quarter.

For initial application questions, please contact the application service directly.

LLU Secondary application questions
You will be given further instructions to complete a secondary application once you have submitted first to PTCAS, OTCAS, or CASPA.

Admissions for Non Degree Courses

Life Support Education, GE Courses, Fieldwork credit courses, and Phlebotomy Courses have a separate application process and requirements. Please follow directions found on their program web pages.

If you have difficulties with the LLU online application or have questions regarding the secondary application, please contact our admissions department directly. Please designate which program you are applying for.   Contact our office for assistance at the above email address or call us at 909-558-1000-1-4 ask for PIN Assistance.

Applications remain active until:

  • All documents are received and application is processed for the desired year.
  • The application deadline passes. (this cancels out active applications)
  • The applicant deactivates the application in writing.
  • An admission decision has been made by the school.
  • The student does not meet the minimum admissions requirement and is notified in writing

Step 2- Request Your Transcripts

You will need to request official transcripts to be sent from each college or University you have attended. High school transcripts are also needed for students who do not have a previous associate's or bachelor's degree or if your program requires proof of High school requirements. In some cases, HS transcripts may be requested by University Records for verification.

  • Official college transcripts must be sent to us directly from each college you have attended. If you have difficulty in having your institution send your transcript directly to us, please contact us and we will provide you with an official letter.
  • Official transcripts MAY NOT be hand-delivered or sent in directly by the student, relative or a friend. They must be sent directly from previous educational institutions through a postal service. Hand-carried or sealed transcripts that are sent along with other application materials are not considered official copies even if the seal is unbroken.
  • All official transcripts must be submitted before admission acceptances can be offered. The exception to this is for OP PT OT and PA programs, which require an alternate application. Applicants will be given a one-quarter grace period in which to have their final transcripts forwarded to us. Second quarter registration will not be permitted without receipt of the final transcripts. If you are enrolled in back-to-back semesters/quarters with LLU, make sure you request final transcripts to be sent from your previous school to LLU as soon as possible. Students who have not cleared registration or have holds on their accounts will not be allowed to attend classes until the matter is resolved.
  • Official transcripts must be sent by the issuing institution to LLU Admissions Processing for all SAHP applications.
    • High school transcripts are not required from students who have graduated with an Associates or Bachelors degree or higher, unless your program of choice requires proof of specific high school courses. Examples of such courses may be computers, math, chemistry or physics requirements. Official transcripts must be sent directly to LLU from your graduating High School.

To expedite your application process and online application status, forward or send electronically (EDI) all admissions documents to the following address:

Admissions Processing
Loma Linda University
11139 Anderson St
Loma Linda CA 92350
Send EDI Transcript to:

School Code 001218
EDI Qualifier: 22

Step 3- Personal Recommendations
Three personal recommendations are required for most programs. Recommendations should be from persons other than family members/close relatives. They must be someone who has known you in the following settings:

• Professionally (mentor, supervisor or boss)
• Church or community service related (pastor, community service supervisor)
• Academically or school related (professor, teacher, or advisor)

If applying to the PA program, the program requires one recommendation be from a Physician or Physician Assistant.

If you are having difficulties with providing a recommendation through our online application, please have your recommender email your recommendation to Include the applicant’s name, program they are applying for, your recommendation and how you know the applicant.

Step 4- Observation & Service Hours

Some of our allied health programs require that you observe with an allied health professional or do community service as part of the admissions process. These hours are required when specified. Documented proof of hours (Observation forms) need to be submitted and received before consideration for acceptance to the program.

Students may complete hours locally by calling local facilities and requesting to shadow or do observations within their profession of choice. Some facilities may require a class to orient the student to their facility or specified departments and protocols. Facilities may require a student to adhere to dress code or other facility policies. Check with the facility for requirements.

Community service may include working with national organizations or community projects where bettering the lives of others is involved. Check with your program of choice if you have questions about your community service.

Step 5- Your Interview

Programs may opt to interview students as part of the admissions process and will contact the prospective student to make arrangements once the application has been reviewed. Applicants are encouraged to visit the Loma Linda campus for these appointments if possible. If the student is unable to come to the interview in person, a phone or online interview are possible alternative options. Please make arrangements with the department when they contact you regarding your interview.

Step 6-Admissions Decisions

The admissions office or department will notify you of your application status once your application has been reviewed and acted on by the department and school administrative committees. It is imperative that your contact information is current. Departments may opt to call or email with acceptance decisions once they have been made. All students will receive a follow up letter from the Admissions department addressed and sent to the contact info on file.

Step 7- Confirmation & Deposit

A deposit is required to hold your place in the class and to confirm your acceptance. You will not be allowed to register until the deposit is received. This deposit fee is usually $100-$500 depending on the program and is nonrefundable. The fee is applied toward your first quarter's tuition. You will be given further instructions and the fee amount in your acceptance letter. This is a separate fee from the application fee of $60.00. If you decide not to attend, this deposit is nonrefundable.

Step 8- Additional requirements

The following are additional documented requirements that will need to be completed before you attend LLU. These additional requirements should be sent/completed once you are accepted. They are required before your first quarter registration is complete:
• Immunization records before first day of class, including the following immunizations: TB skin test, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Varicella: chicken pox - Holds cleared through Student Health
• Background check (A criminal check is required before first student clinicals. Students with felony records may not be eligible to sit for national exams for some professions. Accepted students will receive further information regarding completing this element. Non degree students will be required to complete a background check at the time of application submission.
• Fingerprinting (Some clinical sites require fingerprinting before first clinical.)
• CPR certification for the health care provider, is required and must be kept current throughout your program. (Certification is required before clinicals, but we recommend you complete prior to beginning a program) If you need to take CPR please see our Life Support Education Offerings.

For International Students
International applicants must meet all additional requirements. Please refer to International student information for details. The admissions process for International students may take additional time due to the evaluation of requirements, International transcript requests, and processing.

For Online Programs

Loma Linda University is restricted from accepting applications for online programs from certain states. Please refer to our Online Program Information.

Still Have Questions?...Contact us!

Contact Us

If you have further questions regarding our school admissions, you may contact us at or call us at 909-558-4599.

Your emails and calls are important to us. Your inquiries may be forwarded to the appropriate person for follow-up and will be addressed during normal daytime business hours at their earliest convenience. Be sure to include which LLU program(s) you are inquiring about, your questions, and your contact information. At this time, we are only able to correspond in English.