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Radiation Technology

Have You Considered a Career in Radiation Technology?

Do you see yourself…

  • Using high tech equipment?
  • Being an imaging expert?
  • Participating on a medical team to diagnose and treat a patient's illness?
  • Working in a profession where the options for advancement and specialization are unlimited?
  • Wanting to make a difference in the lives of your patients?

Are you looking for a new career in healthcare…and maybe a program that you can complete in a year or two?

Our Radiation Technology Offerings:

Associates Degree Option

Associate of Science in Medical Radiography
This 21-month program prepares students to enter the field of Radiologic Technology. Use this program
to launch into other x-Ray tech specialties.

Bachelor Degree Options
Bachelor of Science in Radiation Sciences (Online)
Complete your Bachelor’s degree in Radiation Sciences with a minor in Healthcare Administration in as little as one year.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (Online)
Prepare for a career in management or healthcare administration using the college credits you already have.

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine
This bachelors's program prepares students to work on a medical team that evaluates the structure and function of body systems using radio pharmaceuticals.

Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy
This bachelors program has been upgraded from a certification.  Contact the department for more information.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography
This 24-month program prepares students to work in general and vascular sonography (ultrasound).

Master Degree Options

Master of Science in Radiation Sciences, Major in Radiologist Assistant* (Online)
Advance in your clinical role by becoming a Radiologist Assistant in only 21 months. Enter with either a BA or BS degree!
*This program requires two years of prior work experience as a licensed medical radiographer before applying.

Master of Science in Radiation Sciences (Online)
Prepare for a leadership position in the field of radiology in 12-24 months.

Certificate Options

Certificate in MRI -Special Imaging
This 6-month program helps students specialize in magnetic resonance imaging.

Certificate in CT - Special Imaging
This 6-month program helps students specialize in computed tomography.

Certificate in CT & MRI Combined -Special Imaging
This is 12-month program helps students obtain both the CT and MRI certificates

Certificate in Cardiac and Vascular Imaging (CVI) 
This is 12-month program prepares students to obtain both their CI and VI  (ARRT) Certificates.

Certificate in Cardiac Sonography
This 12-month program prepares students to work in echocardiography.

Certificate in Dosimetry
Specialize in a Dosimetry after becoming a radiation therapist, in 12-15 months.

Misc. Educational Options

Radiation Technology Advanced Placement (RTAP)
Earn credits towards licensure and certification

Mammography Course