Dean Craig Jackson, School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda University
By maree - July 7, 2017

This is the fifth and final part of a blog series I started in December 2016. I respond to each point written by blogger Colleen Mitchell in her post titled, “Why I Don’t Want to be Your White Ally.” If you're joining me for the first time, I hope you will go back through past blog posts and read the series. 


#9 I'm afraid of Your Pain

Did I mention it's not about you?  As healthcare professionals we are often involved in the painful experiences of our clients and patients; we share their pain as we endeavor to help them.  As stated in our School's motto: With Compassion We Heal.  Our compassion in the face of pain is a healing balm.


#10  I'm Afraid I'm in it for the Wrong Reasons

Self-reflection is important to our engagement in any change moment. It is true that sometimes we take on a cause to elevate ourselves, to receive acclaim; most of the time we truly want to make a difference.   Our desire to improve the circumstances of others is a noble desire.


Well, this series has ended. I hope you enjoyed the journey. I know I did and I certainly learned a few things along the way. That's a big part of what life is all about--seeking, questioning, learning, growing, changing. 

Until next time...