The School of Allied Health Professions encourages its students, employees and alumni to participate in service to others. Whether it is sharing your professional skills & expertise, providing support, making a donation, or rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, we applaud your efforts.

School of Allied Health Professions Projects

Our students volunteer in various local community projects both on their own and through University activities.  Students also have opportunities for global mission service.  Several of our programs offer a student to complete their clinicals in other countries.

During the holidays, Allied Health employees sponsor an Angel tree from the Salvation Army which will benefit local kids in the Inland Empire area.   This project has been ongoing for more than 10 years and has helped hundreds of kids.

Many employees also give through personal and professional projects both locally and globally. 

Faculty, staff and administrators travel worldwide to provide their expertise in health care. 

The Allied Health school also hosts many International Allied Health student groups each year giving International Students new perspectives and exposing them to different techniques and practices we utilize in the United States.  Its a time where Loma Linda University Students can interact with students from different countries and share ideas.

Service Learning

Students are encouraged to help out locally through various organizations throughout the year and many of our programs incorporate community service or service learning projects into their curriculum.  Many programs also incorporate Portfolio courses into their curriculum where students participate in service learning.

Global Missions

The School of Allied Health Professions

The school also helps facilitate International Trips each year where students represent Loma Linda University and their respective programs and professions.  The Interdisciplinary Mission trip welcomes students and faculty and staff  from various programs to travel together and provide health related assistance in other countries.  Recent groups have traveled to Cinia, Mexico, Haiti and Honduras. Individual faculty and administration often travel abroad to represent Loma Linda University and share our mission values and purpose.

We encourage you to join us and make a difference in your own community!

Ways serve locally...
• Donate to a charitable organization that benefits those in need
• Invite a college student, elderly neighbor or someone who lives alone to join your celebration
• Deliver a meal or food to a family in need
• Donate excess clothes or household items to help others
• Donate to a local homeless shelter or food bank
• Volunteer your skills to better your community
• Send a care package to a deployed service member
• Donate a bag of pet food; foster or adopt pet from an animal shelter
• Join a group that does community service projects
• Do something nice for a total stranger
• Be willing to lend a hand to make a difference

"We must become the change we want to see in the world." Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi