School of Allied Health Professions 

Our purpose is to prepare graduates to be choice employees for premier healthcare organizations by providing them with practical learning experiences through local and global partnerships in a wide variety of allied health professions.

Since 1966, the school has been training highly skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals from diverse religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Here they learn to nurture their intellectual curiosity and develop as active, independent learners. In addition to a wide range of academic degrees, the School offers general education courses, professional certificates, continuing education courses, and life support education. To explore options within individual departments see our academic listings

Read more about who we are: Our Mission, Vision and Values

Higher Education for Career Fulfillment

The School of Allied Health Professions offers degrees leading to employment and advancement. Going above and beyond classroom training, students in the School of Allied Health Professions complete clinical experiences, service learning activities, and mission trip opportunities.

Student clinical experiences are integrated within the curriculum in health-care settings with hands-on supervised training in progressive, state-of-the-art medical centers and in local and nationwide clinical facilities. Many of our alumni choose to return as faculty, clinical instructors and mentors to help nurture our future healthcare professionals.

Allied Health students participate in service learning experiences during their time at Loma Linda University. Service learning seeks to meet societal needs by combining methods of needs-assessment with meaningful reflection in the academic setting for effective community service.

Several programs offer students the opportunity to serve abroad. The School of Allied Health Professions is internationally active in several countries. Students may also participate on SIMS sponsored mission trips with our annual SAHP multidisciplinary trip, where students from various programs participate in lending their skills and knowledge.

Diverse Student Population

Our students are as diverse as our programs. Some students come to us after they complete their general education requirements, while others may already be highly trained healthcare professionals returning to advance their educational goals.

We accept students from all over the world, representing over 64 countries. Many of our international students return to their homelands with advanced knowledge and skills within their chosen profession. 

Loma Linda University accepts students from all religions and faiths. We have over 60 religions represented. Students do not need to be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to attend our university, but are encouraged to learn more about our beliefs. Students participate in weekly chapel services and religion courses offered as part of our programs. Saturday worship services are offered on campus at the Loma Linda University Church and at other local churches.

Our students with disabilities have access to educational support and reasonable accommodations for qualified applicants. 

Our Faculty and Staff

We respect our administration, faculty, and staff, who through their education, experience, ongoing research, and service, create a stimulating learning environment. They contribute to the development of new understandings in their chosen fields. They are encouraged to demonstrate both Christian values and competence in their professions. They educate and respond to the therapeutic and rehabilitative needs of people.

We believe in educating ethical and proficient Christian health professionals and scholars through instruction, example, and the pursuit of truth, while expanding knowledge through research in the biological, behavioral, physical, and environmental sciences and applying this knowledge to health and disease.

Our faculty members seek to enhance the quality of life for individuals in local, regional, national, and world communities by educating the future practitioners that will sustain their respective professions.

Our Campus

Loma Linda University is located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. The university is located next to the Loma Linda University Medical Center, providing students with clinical opportunities in certain allied health programs. Our campus is also local to other premiere healthcare facilities where our students gain clinical experience. Once their didactic work is complete, students may opt to return to their hometowns to finish their clinical rotations in an affiliated facility. To be an affiliated facility, a formal agreement between LLU and the facility is required for students to complete their clinicals. 

The History of the School of Allied Health Professions

The School of Allied Health Professions (SAHP) was originally established in 1966 as the School of Health Related Professions with the consolidation of several programs at Loma Linda University (Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, Medical Radiography, Occupational Therapy and Health Information Management). Since 1970, more curricula has been added to form additional healthcare degrees and programs.

History of Loma Linda University

We invite you to visit our campus and explore your future at Loma Linda University. Our annual Open House takes place every January; however, you may schedule a tour or contact us for more information anytime.

To set up a tour email or call 909-558-8161.

You may also contact a program advisor with questions about specific allied health programs, or to schedule an appointment.

We hope to see you on our campus soon!