By maree - October 17, 2016

Summer. Here at Loma Linda that word carries lots of meaning. For some it means a time to go home and see family. For others it means more school, and many hot Southern California days. This summer was my last summer of "freedom" to go home and be with my family. I was sure to take advantage of this special time! Lots of time in the sun, water, and out of doors ensued. Adventures through a lava tube, learning to slalom ski, camping, hiking, biking, nearly tipping on a canoe trip, and doing it all with my family. 

Kalyse Rose Glacier National Park

Sabbath hike with friends at Glacier National Park.

Most importantly, this summer I learned more about trusting God. Through the good times and the bad, He has a plan for my life. As I start this last stretch of my academic career, I must keep my eyes on what is most important in life: Trusting that God will give me the strength and wisdom needed to carry out His will for my life. God has a plan for YOUR life, and wherever He leads, He will give you the strength and wisdom you need. 

Kalyse Rose Medford, OR

Kalyse Rose in Medford, OR on a Sabbath hike with family.

Kalyse Rose is the Spiritual Life VP for the Student Association for the School of Allied Health Professions. She ran for this office because she had a desire to be involved in the SAHPSA leadership in a way that impacts students, faculty and staff for eternity. Kalyse is a first year student in the Masters degree program in the Communication Sciences & Disorders department. She chose that program because it involves everything that she loves! Working with kids, teaching, and flexible work environments.