Christian Tagle and the MCAT
By maree - November 2, 2016

This summer I spent my time in the library. Every. Day. I wasn’t alone, however, I was with a girl called The Princeton Review Complete MCAT. Because I spent nearly every day studying, I used the gym, specifically weight lighting, as my escape. I believe there are few things in life that bring the same joy as hitting that new bench press or overhead record!

The stress and fatigue of spending so much time studying was difficult to bear. Especially coming right off my junior year in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program. Junior year is notoriously difficult and stressful. But through it, I learned to trust even more in God’s plan for my life. Even when circumstances seem impossible to overcome.   

Although my summer wasn’t very exciting, I can definitely say it taught me the importance and value of discipline by learning how to balance studying with other important aspects of my life like sleeping, eating, weight lifting, and family. I think the occasional family trip helped, also.

Now that summer is over, I’m looking forward to GRADUATION! Oh, and sleeping in on the weekends. Thankfully, this year will be a breeze. After junior year in the CLS program, senior year almost seems like a reward. (Hang in there, juniors!)


Christian Tagle is the Co-Public Relations VP for the Student Association for the School of Allied Health Professions. He was extended an offer to join SAHPSA by the other officers. He was excited to take the position as he wanted to be involved and help serve the student body.

Christian is a senior in the bachelor of science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences program. He chose the profession by recommendation from his mother. His mother was a Real Estate agent in 2008 when the economy crashed. A friend told her about the CLS program and after researching it, she decided it was for her. She quickly took her prerequisites and was about to finish her last one, Organic Chemistry, when she became ill and couldn’t continue. When Christian began college, he wasn’t sure what to major in. Because of his love of working in the lab and desire to be in the medical field, his mother encouraged him to take the CLS program. He was immediately interested and felt he could honor her by finishing what she started.