Learning Outcomes

Students meet the following Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to conduct clinically based research.
  • Develop specialized knowledge and learn how to present and disseminate information from the different stages of the research process (proposal/prospects, IRB Protocol and informed consent(s), and presentation defense of the final Research Capstone Project). This will include specialized knowledge both within and outside of the field of speech-language pathology. 
  • To increase theoretical and clinical knowledge through five seminar-style content courses. 

Program Curriculum – Doctoral Coursework

Students will spend on average 2.5 to 3 years in the program, taking two courses a quarter for 8 quarters and one course for 1-3 quarters, depending on the time it takes to complete the required research capstone project. 

In the research domain, students are given the necessary background and support to complete an independent research project in speech-language pathology. The process includes working with your Faculty Research Mentor to obtain IRB approval, implement the project, and submit the results for publication in a scholarly journal prior to completion of the program.

In the content domain, students obtain expertise in some of the most complex topics in the field. The doctoral seminars in speech-language pathology are designed to provide clinicians with increased depth of knowledge that is evidence-based.

Domain 1. Research

            SLPD 600 Components of Critical Inquiry (3)

            SLPD 610 Capstone: IRB Proposal (4) 

            SLPD 621 Capstone Planning (3)

            SLPD 622 Capstone Proposal (2) 

            SLPD 623 Capstone II (3)

            SLPD 624 Capstone III (4)

            SLPD 625 Capstone IV (4)

Domain 2. Content

            RELR 540 Wholeness & Health (service learning) (3)           

            SLPD 550 Advanced Seminar in Neuroanatomy (3)

            SLPD 570 Special Topics in SLP (3) – taken three times in different clinical areas

            SLPD 580 Clinical Issues in SLP (2)

            SLPD 590 Dissemination of Research (2)

Electives (not all will be taken)

            AHCJ 541 Managing Stress (3)

            AHCJ Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Skills for Health Care Professionals (3)

            AHCJ 566 Theoretical Foundations of Leadership (3)

            AHCJ Therapeutic Humor (3)

            AHCJ 555 Writing for Health Care Professionals (3)