Do you seem to gravitate to leadership roles?
Do you get excited when you navigate a challenge to come to a good solution?
Do you have a way of solving problems that brings peace to a situation?

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It Sounds Like You Have the Gift of Administration!

The radiation sciences needs educated and experienced administrators equipped with current evidence-based theory of leadership, management, finances, decision making, and human resources. To be successful today, administrators need the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for successfully guide work teams to achieve their goals and objectives. To make a good administrator in radiation sciences, you need understand who you are as a leader, how an organization works, and how to work with people. In the Loma Linda University Bachelor of Science in Radiation Sciences program, with the Administration emphasis, students will learn about leadership, administration, management, and finance best practices. 

About the Administration Emphasis in the BSRS

Loma Linda University's Bachelor of Science in Radiation Science program offers an online specialty in administration, which is specifically designed for the individual who desires to pursue administration in the radiation sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Radiation Sciences (BSRS) degree provides imaging professionals with the foundational education necessary to advance into clinical or academic administration.

The Bachelor's in Radiation Sciences is comprised of the following elements:

  • Loma Linda University general studies requirements (General Education) for baccalaureate degrees: contact the program director for guidance.
  • Professional Core (a student's entry-level imaging degree such as medical radiography or ultrasound): taken prior to program entry; 2 years full-time.
  • The BSRS Program Core (required for all students to take): 1 year part-time.
  • The BSRS Program Emphasis (customized focus of the degree): 1 year part-time.
  • The BSRS Program Portfolio - Part of the core curriculum, students will be required to complete a ePortfolio comprised of academic and professional work, a signature project, and service learning (40 hours).

The administration program emphasis is 1 year, 24 units - Online

How to Begin

Step 1: Contact the program director for advisement (work-up). Email is best.
Step 2: Send a copy of your transcripts if you have them, the emphasis in which you may be interested, and the state in which you live.
Step 3: Once you have a work-up complete, you will meet with the program director for an advisement session.
Step 4: Apply to the program. 
Step 5: Arrange to have your official transcripts sent directly to the Office of Admissions for the School of Allied Health Professions. Official transcripts must be sent directly to LLU from the school where credits were earned.

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