Austin Toole alumni

Loma Linda University is an educational institution that will challenge students to perform. That means that you will not only get a large volume of knowledge but also have multiple opportunities to apply that knowledge in real-world type scenarios. Furthermore, there is a solid effort to build the skills necessary to work as a part of a team. All these unique aspects of the Loma Linda University learning experience come together to produce graduates ready to excel in their chosen field.

These experiences have given me the confidence and competence to grow personally and professionally. There is a constant emphasis on personal wellness throughout the programs of instruction at Loma Linda University, which have carried through with me after completing my degree there. This emphasis has improved my mental, physical, and emotional health, giving me the tools to foster better interpersonal relationships and manage any stress that may come my way.

Since graduating from Loma Linda University, I have grown professionally. I am now the Program Director for a group of paramedic schools in the Southern California region. I am responsible for 50 employees and 120 students who are in various phases of their training. My position requires contract negotiations for our student's participation in internships at various healthcare sites, continuous quality improvement for students in training, HR management, and above all, leadership to the staff and students. These are all skills that I learned and practiced during my time as a student at Loma Linda University.

I will soon be switching gears and returning to school. I was accepted into a medical school and am excited to bring all that I learned from my time spent as a student in this program with me as I progress to becoming a doctor, then eventually would like to be involved in healthcare leadership and policy making, it is my goal to make healthcare more accessible to everyone.

In addition to my professional work as a Program Director, I am also the Principal Investigator for a clinical trial, studying the benefits of utilizing unique technology traditionally used inside the hospital on patients in the prehospital (ambulance) environment. I began working on this project while a student at Loma Linda University. We expect to publish our findings in early 2023. The skill and knowledge necessary to take a leadership role in this project is something I owe Loma Linda University.