Loma Linda Experience
The values-centered education offered by Loma Linda University provides a unique experience for students that is unlike any other online healthcare administration program.

Loma Linda University is part of Loma Linda University Health, which includes Loma Linda University Medical Center, a Level One Trauma Center in Southern California. This affiliation allows students to collaborate with our associated allied health, medical, public health, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and behavioral health schools that share our campus; our numerous healthcare organizations and hospitals; experienced health-care industry colleagues; and community linkages that offer professional opportunities for graduates.

Loma Linda University is also a Seventh-day Adventist institution, providing a Christian education while striving to “Make Man Whole.”  Students attending the BSHA Program at Loma Linda University are enriched by their experiential interactions with the university as a whole. These experiences are driven by Loma Linda University's Mission and Values, creating a mission-focused learning environment that embodies what we term the “Loma Linda Experience.”

The Loma Linda Experience fosters the highest commitment to analytical and critical thinking, advocates the highest ethical and professional standards of practice, values the creation of new knowledge, and the faithful transmission of best practices within professional and scientific disciplines. It provides a learner-centered educational environment that facilitates the absorption of knowledge and perfection of skills while blending evidence-based decision-making with transformative learning events. The Loma Linda Experience also develops a culture of service, while encouraging the pursuit of wisdom through the example of Jesus Christ who lived to bring hope, healing, and happiness to mankind. (Office of Educational Effectiveness, 2015)