Liane Hewitt Faculty Profile

Dr. Hewitt began her professional career at Loma Linda University Medical Center where she worked in acute care and inpatient rehabilitation. She served as Loma Linda University's Chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy from 2000 to 2023. Her specialty area was neuro-rehabilitation where she was able to impact the lives of many patients and families. Over the span of her career Dr. Hewitt has worked in a variety of practice areas including home health, skilled nursing, schools and more recently in community-based practice areas. Dr. Hewitt has developed relationships with many organizations in San Bernardino county to partner with to develop innovative programming in areas such as health literacy, wellness for senior centers, and health-promotion for at-risk youth. Dr. Hewitt serves on a variety of school and university level committees such as co-chair of the Academic Service Learning Committee. She enjoys teaching courses on wellness and  service learning. Dr. Hewitt is always ready for a challenge and the opportunity for “out of the box” thinking. On a personal note,  Dr. Hewitt has one daughter and one grandson, two dogs and birds. She enjoys gardening and reading on a variety of topics.