Liane Hewitt Faculty Profile

Hello, my name is Dr. Liane Hewitt. I have the privilege of being the Department of Occupational Therapy chairperson and working with a phenomenal team of OT colleagues. My professional career started at Loma Linda University Medical Center where I worked on acute care and inpatient rehabilitation. My specialty area was neurorehabilitation and what wonderful patients and families I met while working there. Over the span of my career I have worked in a variety of practice areas including home health, skilled nursing facilities, school districts and currently enjoy working in community based practice areas with literacy programs, senior centers and at-risk youth. Some of my current responsibilities include co-chairing the Academic Service Learning Committee, membership in several SAHP administration committees, overseeing department projects/resources as we plan for the future of our degree programs. I enjoy teaching courses on wellness and  service learning  in the master’s program. I enjoy taking on challenges and having opportunities for “out of the box” thinking. On a personal note,  I have one daughter and one grandson, two dogs and birds. I enjoy gardening and reading on a variety of topics.