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From our Cardiopulmonary Sciences- Masters in Respiratory Care Program

The following are quotes given by our SAHP Family which includes our students, faculty and staff, alumni and others who have something to share about the School of Allied Health Professions.  Check back for more notable quotes coming soon!
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Sarah Murphy MSRC, BSRC, RRT, RCP

Sarah Murphy, MSRC, BSRC, RRT, RCPI entered the MSRC program with a desire to increase my knowledge of Respiratory Care in order to arm myself with the skills needed to advance the field in two facets: education and bedside therapy. The welfare of the patient was the main focus of the program, the goals set by the program director directly addressed the advancement of the field and the well-being of the patient in their entirety, focusing on whole patient care and stressing how one system can affect many. Because of the comprehensive patient centered education I received from the MSRC program, I am better able to care for my patients and educate future Respiratory Care professionals. The MSRC program enabled me to accomplish my short term goals and inspired me to dream big and work hard towards my future.

Rajbeer K. Singh MSRT, RRT

Rajbeer SinghThe Masters of Respiratory Care Program (MSRC) at the University of Loma Linda was an educationally fulfilling experience that gave me a new perspective on the health care and evidence based patient care. Throughout this program, I was offered the opportunity to enhance my skills not only in advanced patient assessment which improves my clinical performance but also in leadership, research, and management in the cardiopulmonary science. In addition, MSRC program exposed me to various lab techniques and critical thinking projects, providing me the opportunity to use my clinical and lab knowledge.  The opportunity to publish my research with my preceptor in Sci Med Central in 2016 was a rewarding achievement at the end of my project. Although MSRC program was challenging, the support and encouragement of the faculty allowed me to further explore the field of Cardiopulmonary Sciences. I highly recommend MSRC program to the students as this will allow them to acquire the knowledge about complex cardiopulmonary systems,  and ample experience in the lab setting, allowing them to make a difference in health care in both the field of research and clinical settings.


 As a student in the MSRC program, I have had opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Some of the most important components of the program, in my opinion, are activities such as community service, evidence-based research, and patient advocacy endeavors. My long-term goal after completion of the MSRC program is to develop and implement respiratory care programs in third world countries. This goal requires understanding the function and roles of major stakeholders such as the hospitals, educational system, and government.  My exposure to LLU’s concept and implementation of wholeness has provided me a deeper understanding of variables that play a role in overall health and well being. The knowledge I have gained at LLU has promoted my development and passion for respiratory care.