MS in Nutrition Care Management-School of Allied Health Professions (online program)

This online program will empower you within your current position to prepare for a dynamic leadership position in the future. In this MS program, you will develop skills that will enable you to accept challenging leadership positions in the delivery of nutrition care. In Medical Nutrition Therapy, you can become a Nutrition Care Manager prepared to meet the challenges of leadership in the 21st  century. In Foodservice Systems Management or positions of departmental leadership, you will have an opportunity to apply your vital leadership skills to achieve personal and institutional positions in health care or school food service.

The curriculum will include a strong emphasis in management and nutrition. All courses are taught via the Internet after a two-day orientation at the Loma Linda University campus. You will take two courses each academic term. The program is designed to be completed in two years; but you may take up to five years to complete the entire program. Each course must be completed within the academic quarter.

A mentor or current work supervisor is expected to be an integral part of the process by providing on-the-job opportunities to enhance learning. By providing the best practices from face-to-face instruction, individual learning, and group interaction via the Internet, each student will be able to achieve his or her educational goals in a cost-effective manner.

Prerequisites include two years of work experience as a Registered Dietitian; demonstrated leadership potential as evaluated by your supervisor; Graduate Record Examination scores; a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The faculty at Loma Linda University will work very closely with you and be available via phone and email. One specific role of the mentor or work supervisor is to help in the selection of topics for papers and projects that are appropriate for your work environment and to help in the evaluation of the publishable capstone project.More information about this program: MPH in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Graduate of a Didactic Program in Dietetics and Don't Have an Internship?
The MS program in Nutrition and Dietetics will qualify you to write the Registration Examination. In the process, you will earn a Master's Degree and be prepared to enter the nutrition and dietetics profession.