Praveen Injeti Faculty Profile

I have been an occupational therapist since 1999 and have had the opportunity to work in various settings that have empowered my growth as a clinician. I received my education as an occupational therapist at Loma Linda University, I further obtained a degree in Master of Art in Psychology with focus in Marriage and Family Therapy and recently graduated with my Doctorate in Occupational therapy also from Loma Linda University.   Assistant Professor is my current full-time role is Loma Linda University’s Department of Occupational Therapy, where I am honored to be a part of an incredible team of faculty.  I still practice as an occupational therapist and as a clinician my experiences range from long term care, to the jail system treating psychiatric patients, to in-patient behavioral health settings as well as home health. My passion is behavioral health and over the course of 18 years, I have specially focused my attention on the behavioral health population (primarily pediatric population). My duties include evaluating, designing interventions, providing group therapy as well as individual treatment sessions. As a faculty staff, I cover various topics over the course of each school year with a focus on mental health. I also play role of a faculty consultant; helping students with research projects as well as program development.  I have had the privilege to present at OTAC, guest lecturer for other programs, and disciplines. I also had the privilege to be interviewed by Time Magazine under their special edition addressing mental health which was published in 2019. I truly enjoy my roles as a clinician and faculty member and justly believe God has encouraged me to reach for these roles as it suits my nature and character. I never go to a job or work; rather I fulfill my passion and duties. I’m blessed with a wonderful marriage and honored and proud to be a father to my son. As a family, we enjoy travelling, listening and playing music, family and social time, cooking and pet lovers.