Healthcare administration is a broad-based discipline that serves individuals, communities, and entire populations in a variety of healthcare environments. Healthcare administration is an excellent career choice for the person who would like to have a profession in health care in one or more of the following areas: healthcare policy and strategy, marketing, communication, business continuity and sustainability, law and ethics, business and project management, human resources, health information systems, and organizational behavior. Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to plan marketing and communication initiatives, develop institutional strategies, policies and procedures, manage staff and resources, and develop sustainability and continuity plans, among other responsibilities.

These are some of the jobs that Healthcare Administration graduates hold:

  • Clinical Support Services Manager
  • Healthcare Initiative Project Manager
  • Healthcare Human Resources Manager
  • Social & Community Services Coordinator
  • Medical or Dental Office Manager
  • Long-term Care Coordinator
  • Marketing Program Coordinator
  • Manager of Business Operations
  • Coordinator, Healthcare Administration
  • Nursing Home Administrator

Possible work environments include assisted-living and skilled-nursing facilities; rehabilitation centers; private, public, and proprietary clinics; and medical centers.

Changing demographics have increased demand for healthcare services, leading to a projected growth of 18% more jobs for medical and health service managers1. This faster than average rate of growth means that there will be more jobs available to graduates.

Fast-Track Options

Many healthcare administrators eventually earn a master’s degree, as it helps them advance their careers. Various master’s degree programs offered at LLU provide BSHA graduates incentives to enroll in participating LLU master’s degree programs, such as possible discounted tuition rates, scholarships, and GRE waivers when students have achieved specified undergraduate GPAs. Learn More about Master’s Degree Incentives.


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