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Transforming lives through occupation, advocacy, and service

Welcome to Loma Linda University. The faculty and staff in the Department of Occupational Therapy appreciate the opportunity to share our program with you.

Occupational therapy has been an exciting career for many of us and as healthcare continues to evolve, our profession is encouraged to "think outside of the box " leading to exciting opportunities and growth. 

Our courses are woven with threads of service-learning, occupation-based practice, evidence-based practice and health. Students at Loma Linda University have a unique opportunity to participate in community-based fieldwork, service-learning, and health promotion supporting the mission of our University.

The specific sequence of courses involves 10 quarters, which includes six months of Level II fieldwork and three Level I fieldwork experiences.

Our entry-level master's program begins each June and prepares you to take the national certification exam.  To learn more continue in our website or attend the next Information Session.

Our Department is also proud to offer a post professional Online Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program. This degree is rich in deep level learning and research preparing practitioners for futures in leadership, health promotion, and academia. Visit our OTD page for more information on this program.

If you need assistance in evaluating your study program, please fax 909-558-0239 and send a copy of your transcripts or a list of subjects you have completed (include course number, title, units, and grade); we will be happy to advise you in preparing for our admission requirements.

If your transcript is from a foreign country, you must first send it to a transcript evaluation service for an official evaluation report. See our international student information on our admissions page.

If you have any questions about our program, please call 909-558-1000 +1-4 for Allied Health and ask for OT. Our direct line is 909-558-4628. You may also email studyot@llu.edu. 

Visit the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education for more information at www.acoteonline.org.


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We are extremely happy to be able to share news with you throughout the year!!

Occupational therapy is an exciting and rewarding career. We welcome the opportunity to share it with you.


Liane Hewitt, DrPH, CHES, OTR/L

Liane Hewitt, DrPH, CHES, OTR/L