Q: Am I required to have a previous Bachelor's degree to apply to your Master program?

A: Yes, our program requirements have recently changed and we now require a B.A or B.S degree.

Q: Does my Bachelors have to be in the Occupational Therapy?

A: No, it can be any major but you also must complete additional academic courses.

Q: Do you have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to attend Loma Linda University?

A: No, we accept students from all faiths and religions.

Q: Do you require a GRE score for your master's program 

A: No. We do not require a GRE score for admittance into our program.

Q: How is my GPA determined for your program?

A: The GPA is determined according to the prerequisite courses required for each program. Both the accumulative and science GPA scores are evaluated during the admission process. A minimum GPA of 3.0 for the MOT program or 2.0 for the OTA program is preferred.

Q: Why do you emphasize the science courses?

A: Loma Linda University is a medical teaching institution and is known for being on the cutting edge in educating medical professionals. Occupational therapy is a profession which addresses the "whole person" in terms of their ability to function in their chosen occupations. Both the MOT and OTA programs incorporate foundational science courses within the curriculum in order to address these areas. Neuroanatomy, gross anatomy, and pathology are some of the science courses taken within each program.

Q: Why don't you offer the associate's, bachelor's, or certificate programs anymore?

A: The national accrediting body for occupational therapy (ACOTE) has mandated that all Occupational Therapy programs transition to an entry-level master's program by the year 2007.  Loma Linda University offers both a Masters (MOT) and a doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Q: Do you offer long distance learning classes? 

A: Not at this time. Our programs are located on the Loma Linda campus and are primarily held during the daytime, Monday through Friday.

Q: What does MOT stand for? 

A: Master of Occupational Therapy

Q: What does OTD stand for?

A: Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Q: Are you an accredited institution? 

A: Yes, we are accredited through WASC and AOTA--ACOTE organizations.

Q: Do you offer OT programs at night or on weekends? 

A: The MOT courses are held Monday through Thursday, primarily during the daytime hours.

Q: How many MOT students do you take per year?

A: At this time, we generally accept up to 30 students in the MOT program each year. Admission is on an annual basis and the acceptance is determined by the admissions committee within the department of occupational therapy. GPA, volunteer hours, responses, personal interview, and references are all equally considered during the admission process.

Q: Do you have waiting lists for entry into your programs?

A: No, this is a great time to get into the profession. We receive many contacts regarding available positions from employers looking to hire OTRs on a regular basis.  However we have received a record number of applications in the past several years.  To better your chances we recommend that you apply early and do not postpone or delay your application submission till the deadline date.  Applications are reviewed and processed once they are completed.  Waiting or delaying your submission can decrease your chances of acceptance.

Q: Why do you start in June for the MOT program?

A: Our Gross Anatomy class is taught in the Summer Quarter. It is an eight-week course of lecture and lab. Gross Anatomy is taken with the physical therapy students and taught by the basic science and Physical Therapy faculty.

Q: Can I transfer from another OT program to Loma Linda?

A: Requests are evaluated on a student by student basis. Please contact the program coordinator to set up an appointment.

Q: What is the salary for OTRs?

A: The range of salary is dependent upon the geographical area in which you are employed, your experience, and level of education.

Q: Do you accept International students? 

A: Yes, but you must have proper foreign transcript evaluations completed by an approved transcript service and meet the University requirements for international students. 

International Student Information

Q: Do you offer general education requirements? 

A: There are selected GE courses offered at Loma Linda University, but all prerequisites must be completed before you apply to our OT programs. Taking prerequisite courses at LLU does not guarantee you acceptance into one of our programs.  Applicants must meet the program admission requirements in order to be eligible.

Q: Do you offer any correspondence or online courses?

A: Yes. Loma Linda occupational therapy master's degrees are designed with hands-on learning opportunities. The doctorate program is an online program.  Some restrictions apply.  See program information for more details.

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