The Student Occupational Therapy Association at Loma Linda University is a student run organization which serves to promote the profession of occupational therapy through social events, service work in the community, fundraising, networking opportunities, international work and leadership positions within the school and national organization.  SOTA is guided by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) in the creation of bylaws, with early elections for positions on an executive board.

2018 SOTA Officers

The executive board consists of 18 students from the Junior, Senior and Graduate classes.  The board is overseen by a faculty advisor from the department of occupational therapy.  The executive board meets monthly, but committees serving under the board members may meet more frequently.  Serving as a board member  provides excellent leadership experience and helps develop professional skills many are looking for.

President - Missy M

Vice President - Brandi G

Secretary - Christine P

Treasurer - Jessica L

Treasurer - Nicole B

Community Service - Rachel A

Community Service - Ariela C

Social Activities - Tiffany L

Social Activities - Julie N

Historian - Angelique B

Historian - Caitlin H


ASD AOTA - Karen C

ASD OTAC - Katie F

ASD OTAC - Melissa B

Class Liaison - Yas Danesh P

Class Liaison - Steven H

Professional Dev - Caroline T

Professional Dev - Alexa T

Chaplain - Tina L

Fundraising - Nick C

Fundraising - Allysa R

Public Relations - Jaclyn N

Public Relations - Victoria B

Alumni Relations - Scott C

Faculty Advisor - Heather Roese


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