PA Program Brochure

Current Class Statistics: Class of 2025

Number of CASPA Applicants      2772
Number of Supplemental Applications  1172
Number of Interviews 159
Number Accepted 38
Gender 30F/8M
Average age 26
Average Overall GPA 3.70
Average Science GPA 3.66
Average Patient Care Experience Hours 4920

How to Apply

  • Step 1  Apply through CASPA
  • Step 2  Complete a secondary supplemental application
  • Step 3  Interview (by invitation only)

Where to apply

Apply now

Prospective students who apply to the Loma Linda University Physician Assistant Program must do so via the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) program. CASPA can be accessed at or by clicking the "Apply Now' button. Once your application has been verified by CASPA and received by the University, all applicants are provided with a link to the supplemental application.


  • CASPA opens- May 1
  • CASPA deadline- October 1
  • All supplemental applications must be submitted within 15 days of receipt from University Admissions or by December 15, whichever date comes first
  • Bachelor’s degree must be completed by December 31 of the year of application
  • Classes begin annually in September of the year following the application cycle
  • All prerequisite coursework must be completed by the spring term of the year of matriculation. Prerequisite courses will be verified through CASPA; do not submit official transcripts to Loma Linda University unless requested


In order to be eligible for acceptance into the program, all applicants must complete the interview process. If selected for an interview, applicants will be contacted via telephone to arrange an interview date. Interviews are conducted from August to February. Meeting the admissions requirements does not guarantee an interview. 

Admission Preferences

The following are the groups of applicants who receive preference for admission.  Applicants who do not meet these preferences are still considered for admission to the program, and the presence of one or more of these preferences does not guarantee admission to the program.  For more information, please see our FAQs page.

  • Seventh-day Adventists
  • Graduates of Loma Linda University
  • LLUH Employee
  • Applicants with documented military service
  • Resident of San Bernardino or Riverside County
  • Applicants with a history of meaningful, continuous involvement in community service consistent with the mission and values of Loma Linda University

Program Accreditation

The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc. (ARC-PA) has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the Loma Linda University Physician Assistant Program sponsored by Loma Linda University. Accreditation-Continued is an accreditation status granted when a currently accredited program is in compliance with the ARC-PA Standards.

Accreditation remains in effect until the program closes or withdraws from the accreditation process or until accreditation is withdrawn for failure to comply with the Standards. The approximate date for the next validation review of the program by the ARC-PA will be March 2027. The review date is contingent upon continued compliance with the Accreditation Standards and ARC-PA policy. View our Accreditation History.