Transfer Patterns

The following transfer information applies to all School of Allied Health Professions programs:

  • All of our allied health students are considered "transfer students" from other institutions since all of our programs require previous college coursework.
  • Loma Linda University does not offer all of the general education prerequisite courses required for entry into our programs on our Loma Linda campus. Our Allied Health programs offered at Loma Linda are specialized allied health coursework in pursuit of advanced Allied Health Professional degrees.
    Prospective Allied Health applicants will need to complete the general education requirements at an accredited Community College or University and then transfer to Loma Linda University to complete their chosen Allied Health degree.  Degrees are based on specific courses of study and a student must complete the full program or course of study successfully in order to achieve a degree.  
  • Loma Linda University does offer selected general education courses including Natural Sciences
  • Loma Linda University offers Life Support Education including CPR.
  • Please note:  Loma Linda University does not accept CLEP for the English course requirements.
  • You may apply with courses in progress.  Most programs require all course prerequisites or requirements listed for each program be successfully completed prior to attending the program. 
  • Programs may accept students with outstanding general education which can be taken during the LLU program.  Please check with specific program advisors or program websites for more information.  
  • Grades of C- or below do not transfer for credit.  If you have retaken a class, the latest score is recognized.
  • Loma Linda University only accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions.  If you are not sure if your institution is regionally accredited, please contact your institution's admissions office for clarification.
  • Official transcripts must be received directly from each of your previous institutions and reviewed before an admission's decision can be made.
  • International applicant's college transcripts must be evaluated and sent directly to us by an approved evaluation center. They also must meet all additional requirements for the International applicant.
  • Transcript evaluations must be received and reviewed before an acceptance can be granted.
  • Transfer patterns/requirements are subject to change as University graduation requirements or professional demands change.  Check back for the most up to date transfer requirements, if you plan on applying for a future term.  Applicants must meet the requirements outlined for their specific program start.
  • *The Physician Assistant, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Occupational Therapy, & Entry Level Physical Therapy programs require you to apply through an outside application service.  You will need to complete additional steps (ie supplemental application, alternate transcript procedure) before an admissions decision can be made.  Please see specific program sites for more information.
  • Check in frequently with your program of choice to insure you are on track for your planned entry.  You must complete the requirements for the specific year or term you are applying for, even if you have applied previously and are reapplying.
    Pursuing your prerequisites & requirements from outdated transfer patterns or old program brochures from previous years could impact your admissions process since program requirements may have or are subject to change.
  • Loma Linda University online programs are subject to certain state regulatory restrictions.  See online distance ed information for more details.


Contact our Allied Health Admissions office if you have any questions regarding admissions and transferring to Loma Linda University. If your Institution is not listed and you have questions, please include institution(s) name when inquiring.

Advising Appointments

Contact our Office of Recruitment if you have questions about our programs or Loma Linda University.