Admissions Resources

The following downloadable PDFs include program information including admissions info, program prerequisites & requirements, student expectations, and tuition rates for our Occupational Therapy degree offerings.

How to Apply

See our school's Admissions page to apply to our EOTD Program.

The Occupational Therapy program at Loma Linda University uses the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS).  Applicants must first apply to OTCAS; please visit their website to create your OTCAS account.

 Application Period: The OTCAS portal will open on mid-July and will close the first Monday of October.


All official transcripts must be sent directly to OTCAS, from your college/university, use the address below. Transcripts will not be accepted from you personally. 

Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS)
PO Box 9120
Watertown, MA 02471
Phone:  617-612-2860

International Transcripts:

  • International transcripts must be evaluated by an agency approved by Loma Linda University. See the list of approved agencies
    Applicants using WES will not be required to submit an official international transcript to Loma Linda University.
  • Request the official transcript evaluation to be sent directly to OTCAS, an official transcript does not need to be sent to OTCAS.
  • Official transcripts must also be sent to LLU in order to be considered for acceptance
  • If you use a transcript evaluation service other than WES, request an official transcript of your international institution to be sent directly to Loma Linda University.

Where to Submit Your Application:

  • OTCAS must receive the application, references, and transcripts no later than the first Monday of October. Once your application is complete, OTCAS will verify your documents before releasing them to Loma Linda University. All transcripts must be received before verification can be completed; the verification process could take between 4 – 6 weeks. Please note that Loma Linda University cannot access unverified applications.  It is your responsibility to confirm your status as verified with OTCAS.
  • For any questions about the receipt, processing, and verification of your application, please contact OTCAS Customer Service at 617-612-2860, or
  • For other questions regarding our prerequisites or Loma Linda University application process, please contact the Loma Linda University Department of Occupational Therapy at 909-558-4628, or

Supplemental documents to be submitted to OTCAS

Loma Linda University Verification of Observation Experiences forms, and Reaction to Observation Experiences. Please submit forms for each OT setting that you observed.

If you took a medical terminology course that offered a certificate of completion, and was not for college credit, request the agency to send a copy of the certificate to the Department of Occupational Therapy (we will accept the agency’s email with the attached certificate or link to the certificate). Please request our approval of an online medical terminology course before taking it.

Personal Statement:
Please submit a personal statement as part of your OTCAS application, in the section of Supplemental Information, under Documents.  Your personal statement should be no longer than 2 pages in length, and it is viewable by all programs you might have applied to.

Three recommendations are required and shall include an occupational therapist, faculty, and employer. 

Secondary Loma Linda University Application

Once your OTCAS application is verified, your documents will be released to Loma Linda University.  You will receive an email from Admissions Processing of Loma Linda University, with the link to the secondary Loma Linda University application that you must complete and submit within 2 weeks.  There is no additional fee for the Loma Linda University secondary application. You are not an official Loma Linda University applicant until your secondary application has been submitted.

Supplemental documents to Loma Linda University

Supplemental documents you wish to submit, such as resumé, or non-electronic letters of recommendation, may be emailed to the Department of Occupational Therapy at

Selection of Applicants

Selection is based on a two part process.  The first level involves a screening of recommendation letters, GPA, observation reactions, service, application essays, and volunteer experience in Occupational Therapy.  Applications making it to the second level will be invited to a Zoom interview.

Number of acceptances per year: 40

Minimum cumulative GPA: 3.20
Minimum science GPA: 3.20

Professional Registration

Upon satisfactory completion of the entry-level O.T.D degree—including completion of Level II fieldwork within twenty-four months following completion of academic preparation and the capstone experience and project—the graduate is eligible to take the national certification examination administered by The National Board for Certification for Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). The board offers computerized examinations on demand throughout the year.

Many states require licensure in order to practice; however, state licenses are based on the results of the NBCOT certification examination. The American Occupational Therapy Association provides recognition essential to the practice of occupational therapy in the United States and most foreign countries. Information about qualifying examinations can be obtained at the office of the department chair.

When the graduate applies to write the certification examination with the NBCOT, he/she will be asked to answer questions related to the topic of felonies. Felony convictions may affect a candidate's ability to sit for the national certification examination or attain state licensure. For further information on these limitations, contact NBCOT One Bank Street, Suite 300, Gaithersburg, MD 20878; or telephone  (301) 990-7979. Graduates practicing in the state of California must acquire licensure from the California Board of Occupational Therapy. For further information, contact CBOT at (916) 263-2294; E-mail The office address is 2005 Evergreen Street, Ste 2250, Sacramento, CA 95815-3831.