A unique aspect of attending Loma Linda University is the many opportunities students have to participate in mission work. Some of our trips include traveling to Haiti, Ethiopia, China, and Brazil. We are always looking for new adventures and ways to help our local and global communities. Join us and be inspired by what we can do together!

Physical Therapy mission trip to Haiti


“It only takes a moment to make a big impact. A Haitian girl taught me that this week as we were working on building steps for her orphanage home,” said Lisa McMillian, 3rd year Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) student.
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Physical Therapy mission trip to Ethiopia


Elise had been to Ethiopia in the past and developed a passion for serving the Ethiopian people with prosthetic and orthotic care and the mutual exchange of information. “As a team we have long desired to impact the orthotic and prosthetic care of developing nations,” said Tevita.
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Physical Therapy mission trip to China


Second-year DPT student Jasmine Jao worked with her father, a retired pastor who travels to various churches in China to preach, to plan a mission trip that would include working with students at a college, and also treating patients at a hospital and leprosy colony.
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Physical Therapy mission trip to Mexico


After reflecting on the mission trip to Siloe Clinic, third-year DPT student Jenna shared, “Going on this trip was one of the best experiences I have had during my time at Loma Linda.
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Physical Therapy Street Medicine

Street Medicine

Since January 2015, Physical Therapy students and faculty have participated in Street Medicine (or Cornerstone Clinic), a free health clinic, which provides medical and physical therapy services to low income residents of San Bernardino.
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