Application & Forms

Career Observation Forms

Applicants applying to the following programs must provide proof of career observation in professional settings.   The following printable forms are for verification of observation hours completed and should be signed by your mentor upon completion

Students are responsible for obtaining their own observations/experiences.  Please print the correct form for your program you are applying for and take it with you to each of your observation sites.  If you are interested in observing at LLUMC, please fax or email form below to the observation coordinator to schedule time.

You may submit your application to LLU before your observation hours are completed.  However, completion and verification of hours are required before your application is complete and an admissions decision can be made.

Please note:  The following programs do fill quickly due to their popularity and applications should be submitted early on in the program enrollment period to be considered. 

Applicants are also encouraged to gain experience by exceeding the minimum observation hours required or recommended.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy observation form for DPT Program  Minimum of 80 hours. At least 20 hours must occur at an inpatient facility, such as a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Physical Therapist Assistant observation form for PTA Program  Minimum of 80 hours. At least 20 hours must occur in an inpatient setting, and 20 hours in an outpatient setting.

Radiation Technology

Cardiac Electrophysiology observation form  8 hours in an EP lab.

Medical Radiography observation form  12 hours minimum of specified procedures

Cardiac and Interventional Imaging Observation Form   CVI Program

Radiation Therapy observation form   40 hours minimum of specified procedures.  See program site for additional info

MRI observation form =12 hours minimum*

CT observation form = 12 hours minimum*

*For the combined special imaging certification in both CT and MRI- 12 hours of observation is each modality is required.

Nuclear Medicine observation form  Recommended 12 hours of specified procedures

Sonography Observation Form and Process   8 hours minimum of specified procedures.  All prospective applicants for the Sonography program are highly encouraged to observe at LLUMC.  The LLUMC observation is a unique experience that gives the prospective applicant a chance to meet and interact with LLU sonography alumni  and students, professional practicing technologists, meet with the program director/advisors, ask questions, observe sonography procedures in a clinical setting and visit our campus.  Observation should be completed by the end of April and completed before the formal interview. 

More about Observation Hours

Prospective students may not be able to complete all required observation hours at one facility and may need to schedule additional observation hours with other facilities.  Contact your program of interest for further information.