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Loma Linda University currently offers three Post-Professional Physical Therapy program options:

Post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy

The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is the terminal clinical degree in America. All entry-level DPT programs in the United States are taught at this level. The Post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (PP-DPT) program provides a mechanism by which individuals with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy (BSPT) or a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) degree can bridge to the DPT degree. The program is 45-units beyond the MPT degree or 66-units beyond the BSPT degree. Graduates from this program typically work in patient care settings. Publication requirement: Not applicable. LEARN MORE

Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in PT degree is a research-oriented doctorate degree. In addition to the 19-units of core curriculum the student, program director, and dissertation chair will create a customized curriculum from a vast number of “selectives” offered over 6 additional domains: Clinical Specialization, Lifestyle Health, Education, Science, Research, and Religion. Courses will only be selected that directly match or are aligned with the student’s research project and dissertation. This customized curriculum will allow the student to develop a unique knowledge base that is specific to their research interests and topic. At completion of the program, the graduate will be an expert in their area of research and will be well qualified to teach that specific topic.  It is anticipated that graduates will serve as researchers and faculty members. The program is 89 units beyond the MPT degree or 72 units beyond the DPT degree. The program length ranges from 3 to 7 years. Publication requirement: One published paper and one paper submitted for publication.

PP-DPT 45 Unit Track

Our PP-DPT 45 unit track is a clinical based (11 months, no research) doctor of physical therapy degree.  In order to be eligible for this program, in addition to your bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, you must also have earned a master's degree.  Graduates of our PP-MSR program are eligible for this program.  As of January 2016, students are only accepted Fall Quarter.

PP-DPT 66 Unit Track

Our PP-DPT 66 unit track (18 months, no research) is designed for the individual with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy who wishes to pursue a clinical doctorate degree in the profession. To be eligible for admission, the applicant must have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from a 4 (or more) year BS program in physical therapy.  As of January 11, 2011 we are only accepting students for Fall Quarter.

Please refer to the websites listed below for more information about our Post-Professional Physical Therapy programs.  Sites include petition forms and additional information and applications for graduate assistantships.


You may apply online for the Post Professional programs:

There is no GRE requirement for these programs,

Information for International Students

Loma Linda University is ranked 13 out of the top 40 American institutions for hosting international students for 2014/2015. Our number of hosted students was 487.   In the 2015-2016 academic year, our Allied Health Post Professional Physical Therapy programs have 91 international students enrolled plus additional students from other programs and schools. There were only 2 other Health Science Universities/Colleges that ranked higher than Loma Linda University.

Institute of International Education. (2015). "International Students by Institutional Type, 2014/15." Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange. Retrieved from

An English Proficiency Exam is required for International students who have studied outside the United States.

(a) Applicants who do not satisfy the exemption conditions stated in (b) below, are required to take the TOEFL and achieve the indicated minimum score:

Minimum Score
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), internet based 80. The Post Professional Physical Therapy program does not accept IELTS.

Requests to waive the requirement for an approved test of English proficiency must be submitted to the University Academic Affairs Committee.  The request must include adequate justification for the waiver.    An applicant may be not offered acceptance before the waiver request is approved. 

To be eligible for these programs you must have graduated from a 4 (or more) year BS program in physical therapy. You will need to make certain an official mark sheet is sent to the Office of Admissions, School of Allied Health Professions. An official mark sheet can ONLY be issued by the affiliating university that legislated your course of study; the official mark sheet CANNOT be issued by the affiliated college at which your study actually occurred. LLU Policy mandates that the affiliated university must mail the transcripts directly to Loma Linda University. Official transcripts that are sent by your college or university transcripts that are sent or hand carried by you must be, unfortunately, considered unofficial.

As of May 1, 2018, the Post Professional Physical Therapy Department will only accept International Evaluations prepared by Word Education Services. A “course-by-course” report will be required for this program. Please note that with World Educations Services, you will not be required to submit a set of transcripts directly from your university.


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Technology Requirements

Students are required to have an iPad for the courses in the orthopaedic and neurology tracks as well as for testing activities in all courses.  It is highly recommended that students have access to a personal computer (minimum: 800 MHz multimedia) with Internet access (minimum: 56 Kbps [connected at 44+ Kbps]). A $65 technology fee is charged in year one and two.


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