Welcome to Cardiopulmonary Sciences

Welcome to the department of Cardiopulmonary Sciences (CPS) and it is our hope that you will visit any one or all of our programs, either on our web site or in person.  The department of CPS is a collection of allied health programs dedicated to mission and values of Loma Linda University.

Currently our department includes the following programs:

  1. Respiratory Care Entry-Level Bachelors
  2. Advanced Practitioner Bachelors degree  (A.S. to Bachelors)
  3. Master of Science in Respiratory Care (MSRC)
  4. Polysomnography (Sleep Certificate)
  5. Emergency Medical Care (Bachelors degree)
  6. Life Support Education Center (American Heart Association life support training center).

Our faculty and staff work together to provide the highest level of allied health education to our students, alumni, community, and healtcare employers. 
Our faculty are outstanding professionals with years of experience and commitment to student learning and research; we are small enough to care and spend quality time with each student (prospective or other wise). 
We work closely with all levels of the healtcare team to provide the latest in medical healtcare practice.   In addition, the CPS department has a long history of worldwide service and collaboration in meeting the healtcare needs of medical community.  


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our program faculty.

phone: 909-558-4932

email: studycardio@llu.edu  

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

David Lopez, EdD, RCP, RRT.
Department Chair, Cardiopulmonary Sciences,
Life Support Education Center
School of Allied Health Professions
Loma Linda University