Thank you for participating in the education and training of future speech-language pathologists. This page was developed to provide you with guidance in supervision, instruction, and assessment of student clinicians.

While each of us has our own supervision style and personal method of instruction, certain consistencies must be maintained in order to ensure fairness and thoroughness. This site contains all the forms we use for assessing students’ knowledge and skills, the instructions for grading, and further information about requirements for the ASHA “Cs,” the CA license, and the CA speech-language pathology services credential (which should explain why we do some of the things we do!). Information on the knowledge and skills required for supervision.

It should be noted that, while we cannot offer payment for supervisors, we do offer one voucher per each student supervised, which entitles the supervisor to admission to any of our 3 hour CEU workshops, and two vouchers entitle the supervisor to sit in on one of our one-unit seminars-actually 10 hours of instruction. Voucher.

Once again, thank you for helping to guarantee the future of our profession, and for playing a role in the development of future colleagues!

If you have any questions or concerns about this process or about a particular student clinician, please feel free to contact us:


Jennifer St. Clair, PhD, CCC-SLP

Jennifer St. Clair, PhD, CCC-SLP

Director of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor

Cell - 909-810-8540
Office Extension  X42074

Supervision Instructions

Supervision Timeline
A timeline of duties for clinical supervision.

Supervision Responsibilities
Expected responsibilities of supervisors of student clinicians.

Effective Clinical Instruction
Tips for effective supervision.

What to do when problems arise
While we hope that this doesn’t happen, we understand that there are times when problems arise. These are tips for what to do if that happens.

References and Resources
Please see the following links for additional information!

Calipso Instructions

Instructions for approving hours and completing evaluations of students. Please see placement email from Jennifer regarding how to sign in the first time.

Grading Procedure
Instructions for assigning a grade to a student’s performance.

Specific Clinic Expectations

In each of the clinics, expectations have been identified for the end of the quarter. These expectations are based on definitions found in the Performance Rating Scale. The student clinician is expected to obtain an average, equal to or greater than the expectation listed for each skill.

Continuing Education Units