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We are excited to offer the Health Science, Associate of Science program and give first-time, full-time freshman the invaluable head-start of a robust educational foundation for the first time in Loma Linda University's history!  This program is designed to start entry-level college students on the path to success within our world-renowned health science center, which houses one of the largest and most technologically advanced Level 1 Trauma Centers. Our faculty will ensure you have the necessary prerequisites, tools and connections you will need for a smooth transition into your graduate programs and beyond.

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Why Choose LLU's A.S. in Health Sciences?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program includes a balanced mix of general education and core healthcare science courses. You will study English, history, psychology, and humanities, along with essential healthcare subjects like anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and microbiology.
  • Time-Saving Program Pathway: Complete your degree in just 18 months with our in-person classes, designed for full-time freshmen eager to jump-start their education.

The Loma Linda Difference

LLU Campus

Our institution stands out from the rest with our commitment to Whole Person Care. By starting your healthcare journey with Loma Linda University, you will join a community that values excellence, compassion, and holistic education by learning to look beyond numbers and diseases, and incorporates compassionate mental and spiritual health into patient care. Just a few of the other reasons our institution's educational experience is exceptional and unique include:

  • Faith-based academic experience that creates a safe learning environment for students to grow in their faith and spirituality
  • Professional networking opportunities with your program of choice's faculty and healthcare professionals institution-wide
  • Mission and service opportunities that are local and international to enhance learning and serve others

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Are you ready to embark on a rewarding career in healthcare?

Program Overview

Admission Requirements

In addition to Loma Linda University and School of Allied Health Professions admissions requirements, the applicant must produce the following: 

  • A high school diploma or equivalent

  • A minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 

  • Three letters of recommendation that indicate your level of academic and/or professional background

    • For recent high school graduates of within the past 2 years, recommendations from high school teachers and administrators are preferred



FIRST YEAR- 42.5 Credits

Fall Quarter- 13.5 Credits

ENGL 111 College Writing I 3
MATH 110/BSCI 218 College Algebra / Statistics for Health Professionals 4
PEAC 115 Exercise and You .5
HIST 156 Survey of American History before 1865 3
HLCS 110 Medical Terminology 2
RDNG 176 First-Year Seminar 1

Winter Quarter- 15 Credits

ENGL 112 College Writing II 3
HIST 157 Survey of American History from 1865 3
RDNG 177 First-Year Seminar II 1
BSCI 251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/ lab 5
RELT 100 The Bible: An Introduction 3

Spring Quarter- 14 Credits

ENGL 113 College Writing III 3
RDNG 178 First-Year Seminar III 1
BSCI 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/ lab 5
BSCI 260 Microbiology 5

SECOND YEAR- 47.5 Credits

Fall Quarter- 15 Credits

CHEM 101/ CHEM 121 Pre-DH: Intro to Inorganic Chemistry w/ lab  Pre-BSN: Chemistry for Healthcare Professionals I 4
AHCJ 275 Philosophy of Health in a Diverse World 4
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology 4
RELT 200 The Mission & Message of Jesus 3

Winter Quarter- 16.5 Credits

DTCS 205 Human Nutrition (Domain 6) 4
CHEM 102/ CHEM 122/ BSCI 111 Pre-DH: Intro to Organic Chemistry w/ lab Pre-BSN: Biochemistry Applications for Healthcare Professional  Physics I 4
SOCI 226 Sociology 4
HUMN 204 Medical Humanities 4
PEAC 110 Independent Activities .5

Spring Quarter - 16 Credits

CHEM 103/ HLSC 110 Pre-DH: Intro to Organic Chemistry w/ lab Pre-BSN: Biochemistry Applications for Healthcare Professional 4
ANTH 315/ PSYC 226 Pre-DH: Cultural Anthropology Pre-BSN: Life-Span Development 4
RELR 275 Whole Person Care 2
HLSC 210 Portfolio 2
COMM 104 Public Speaking 4


Application Process

Applications to the A.S. degree in Health Science are accepted between January 1 and August 31. Early submission of application is recommended. Please contact Program Director Gurinder Bains with any questions regarding the application process.



Program Outcomes

By the end of this program, the graduate should be able to: 

  • Demonstrate interdisciplinary understanding between health science and general education
  • Apply critical thinking skills  
  • Demonstrate competency in written and oral communication  
  • Engage in ethical and reflective practice, rooted in the teachings of Christ’s ministry and a commitment to whole person care and wellness

Feeder Graduate Programs

While an A.S. degree in Health Science is a beneficial start to achieving your educational and career goals in any healthcare specialty, our program's curriculum design feeds directly into the following Loma Linda University graduate programs upon completion:

Campus and Spiritual Life

Campus and Spiritual Life

Loma Linda University offers a vibrant campus life and a supportive spiritual community, providing our students with enriching experiences and opportunities to grow both socially and spiritually.
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Mission and Outreach

Mission and Outreach

Loma Linda University offers many local volunteer service opportunities and life-changing mission trips around the world, giving our students hands-on learning experiences in underserved populations.
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Meet the Program Faculty & Staff

Gurinder Singh Bains, MD, PhD

Gurinder Singh Bains, MD, PhD

Program Director
Rosa McNally

Rosa McNally

Administrative Assistant