Loma Linda University is pleased to announce that it is joining the online consortium of independent colleges and universities (OCICU) in the summer term of 2020!

What is OCICU?

OCICU is a collaboration of multiple private, faith-based universities to provide online courses that would not otherwise be available to LLU Students. LLU Students will register for these courses through the normal registration process at LLU and receive credit on their LLU transcript! The only difference from a LLU Course is that students will enter the course using the host’s learning management system.

These courses are accelerated semester based courses (8 weeks). Therefore, students should plan to double the normal time required to take a course.

All courses are online and available multiple times a year! See the Course Schedule for availability.

The following is a list of courses that will become available through OCICU:

Course Type LLU Domain Consortium Title
Intro Spanish Domain 1 (Humanities) Elementary Spanish 1 (4 units)
Elementary Spanish 2 (4 units)
US History  Domain 1 (Humanities)

US History to 1865 (4 units)
US History from 1865 (4 units)
Civilization and Ideas I (4 units)
Civilization and Ideas II (4 units)

Literature Domain 1 (Humanities) World Literature (4 units)
English Literature I (4 units)
English Literature II (4 units)
Intro to Philosophy Domain 1 (Humanities) Intro to Philosophy (4 units)
Intro to Ethics (4 units)
Philosophy and Culture (4 units)
Intro to Music Domain 1 (Humanities) Music Appreciation (4 units)
Art Appreciation Domain 1 (Humanities) Art Appreciation (4 units)
Math Domain 2 (Natural Science) College Algebra (4 units)
Pre-Calculus (4 units)
Psychology Domain 2 (Social Science) General Psychology (4 units)
Lifespan Development (4 units)
Human Growth and Development (4 units)
Abnormal Psychology (4 units)
Sociology Domain 2 (Social Science) Intro to Sociology (4 units)
Anthropology Domain 2 (Social Science) Cultural Anthropology (4 units)
Economics Domain 2 (Social Science) Macroeconomics (4 units)
Microeconomics (4 units)
English 2 Domain 3 (Communication) Composition II (4 units)
Interpersonal Communication Domain 3 (Communication) Interpersonal Communication (4 units)
Intercultural Communication (4 units)
Intro to Computers Domain 3 (Communication)

Computer Systems (4 units)
Basic Comp Skills (4 units)

For questions or general support regarding OCICU courses, please email us at ge@llu.edu


The following are FAQ's and their answers. It should be noted that students seeking to enroll in OCICU courses discuss their options with an advisor. If you need assistance from the GE team, please email us.

  • How long is each course? Courses range from an intensive 8-weeks to a full-term of 10 to 12 weeks.
  • Where do I get the course syllabus or information? Upon registration, you will receive an email from the OCICU system. This email will provide you with a syllabus and other pertinent information such as log-in information and IT support.
  • What do I do when I receive an email from the OCICU System? Read the email carefully. There will also be a link to log into the OCICU course system. Failure to log-in could result in an automatic drop. LLU is not responsible for lost tuition due to late drops.
  • Are OCICU courses aid eligible? No, OCICU courses are not currently financial aid eligible.
  • How much is each course? Courses are currently $275.00/unit. A 4 unit course would cost $1,100.00.
  • Do courses start at the same time as a regular LLU course? The  8-week intensive courses, each will start on a custom date. It is important to pay attention to OCICU term dates. Courses that follow regular term dates will follow the standard start date of each term.
  • Do OCICU courses fill up? On occasion, they will fill up. If this happens, the LLU GE team will work with you to find an alternate option.
  • Are courses offered each quarter? Most courses are offered each term. However, there are limitations based on the hosting universities offerings.
  • How long do I have to drop a course? Each course provides drop, withdrawal, and refund dates. For 8-week courses, you have 6 calendar days from the start of the course to drop with no penalty. After 6 days, you may be subject to a fee.