About Loma Linda University General Education

As a Seventh-day Adventist health sciences institution, Loma Linda University seeks to exemplify a life of service and sensitivity beyond the requirements of academic excellence within a professional discipline. With its rich spiritual heritage, the University places special emphasis on educating its students for a life of service in a global community.

General education at Loma Linda University consists of courses, lectures, programs, and activities coordinated with the intent to integrate faith and learning. In addition to the basics of cultural heritage and diversity, scientific inquiry and analysis, communication, and wellness, the curriculum emphasizes the University’s spiritual heritage; as well as moral and ethical decision making that is grounded in Christian principles.

Loma Linda has a variety of General Education (GE) courses to choose from. Courses prepare perspective and current students for program prerequisites & corequisites, baccalaureate degree education requirements (GE), elective coursework, and more.

General Education Courses are organized or grouped into five categories called Domains. Loma Linda University requires all students graduating with a baccalaureate degree to complete a minimum of 68 quarter units of general education across the five domains. Additional information about General Education

    Domain 1: Religion and Humanities (28-32 quarter units)
    Domain 2: Scientific Inquiry and Analysis (24-32 quarter units)
    Domain 3: Communication (9-13 quarter units)
    Domain 4: Health and Wellness (2-6 quarter units)
    Domain 5: Electives (to meet the minimum of 68 quarter units)

      Why General Education at Loma Linda?

      • Faith-based education
      • Get to know LLU before you apply to a program
      • University level course work
      • Evening and online course options
      • No waiting lists
      • Quality instruction
      • Health care focus
      • World-class facilities


        General Education

        General education courses contribute to the fulfillment of requirements that apply to the baccalaureate degree programs in the Schools of Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, and Nursing. Undergraduate baccalaureate programs use GE to fulfill requirements within various areas of study known as “domains”.  Students are required to complete 68 quarter units, which are integrated into the entire undergraduate program. Requirements are organized into five domains.


        Secondarily, students may need elective course work to meet minimum unit requirements for their program degree. Loma Linda University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses to meet elective requirements.

        Prerequisites & Corequisites

        Students applying to Loma Linda University programs may have prerequisite or corequisite course work to complete either prior to their entry into their program or while in their program.

        Students should seek advisement for program prerequisites and corequisites.

        Tuition for GE

        Tuition for General Education courses can vary from student to student. It is highly recommended to contact us for advisement and financial information. 

        In general, Loma Linda University offers two forms of tuition:

        1. General Education Special Rate - $275.00/ unit
        2. Standard Tuition Rate - Tuition is set, base upon program the student is currently enrolled. For example, if your program is $466/unit, you would be charged this as a standard tuition rate. Students not enrolled in a program are charged the non-degree rate ($684/unit)

        Calculating Tuition per course bases on the rate:

        If the tuition rate is $275.00/ unit, a 4 unit course would be $275.00 x 4 = $1,100.00. This is for tuition only and does not include enrollment or lab fees.


        • Background check: $50.00 (Required for all students at LLU) The student will be asked to complete this process online at the time of registration. A credit card in the students name will expedite the process.
        • Lab fee: $75.00 (required for courses that are indicated)
        • Enrollment fee: $808.00 (required for all students taking 6 or more units on-campus)

        Additional course and lab fees may apply. Course fees increase annually. Once accepted into a class, the student will be given a list of textbooks and supplies needed.
        Transportation to and from campus and living expenses are not included and are the student's responsibility.

        Courses are LLU Benefits Eligible. If you are using LLU or LLUMC benefits, make sure to get the benefits form from HRM before attempting to register. 

          How to Apply/ Register  

          To apply to a specific program:

          Non-Degree Students (students not currently enrolled in a LLU program)

          Students currently enrolled in a Program

          • Students currently enrolled in a program at LLU should work with their program director to add courses.